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a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

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However, in spite of its failure to so develop, the processional antiphons that I shall discuss here deserve to be of considerable interest to students of the medieval music drama.
See, for instance, Antiphon 15 of Good Friday, quoted below.
The principal contents of these sets were Office antiphons and Matins responsories, many with distinctive Toledan textual and melodic variants.
Special mention should also be made of organist Richard Lea's contribution, since his skilled improvised links helped shift the emphasis from, say, a plainsong antiphon to a setting by a 20th century composer, not necessarily an easy thing to do.
During the return procession they shall sing the appointed antiphons until they reach the church doors; then, having sung the antiphon Responsum accepit Simeon, with the collect Erudi quaesumus Domine, they shall enter the church singing the respond Cum inducerunt Puerum.
Tolbert McCarroll has a thing for the O Antiphons, those great hymns of joy chanted by monks in the week before Christmas since the year 900 or so.
Much of the music it contains has never been recorded before, and this disc--which includes more than thirty responsories, lections and antiphons from the collection--offers both a fascinating window on the ways the traditional Sarum Rite was adapted for use in Irish churches during this period and a listening experience of rare and sumptuous loveliness.
The plainsong in Dupr's Magnificat (and Hildegard of Bingen's Antiphons for St Ursula) is excellent and organist Andrew Lumsden (formerly of Lichfield Cathedral) gives bravura performances both in the Dupr and the Flor Peeters' organ solo on Ave maris stella.
Owing to the large number of saints celebrated during the course of the Church's year, not every saint could have an office and mass of which every text - antiphons, prayers, epistle, gospel and homiletic readings - was 'proper', that is, designed specifically for that particular saint.
We always sing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," and I always mean to move us through the verses as we approach the O Antiphons and Christmas, but then I always forget and we sing the first verse over and over for weeks.
Families would chant antiphons as they washed the body and prepared it for burial: In the face of death, Christians always sing of life in Christ.
Completing this glorious disc is a sequence of the Advent 'O' antiphons, Salut de la veille des'O', reminding us of Ex Cathedra's own commissioning of a set of contemporary settings of these texts from various composers, and the highly dramatic motet Le reniement de St Pierre.
A bibliography, comprised of publications in English as well as Hungarian, precedes the comprehensive index, which indicates folio numbers and modes next to the incipits of antiphons, invitatories, great and short responsories, and other chants in the manuscript, including alleluia verses, graduals, hymns (without notation), two Kyries, lamentation tones, and a Vidi aquam.
For example, the Psalms and antiphons are "early training in the great choreography, in the great ringing antiphon before" the Trinity.
As well as containing the antiphons subsumed into the Quem queritis dialogue, the Dublin play is one of a small group to include the Easter sequence Victime paschali laudes, emphasizing more strongly than some other late mediaeval Easter dramas its liturgical roots and the basic characteristic of compilation from existing textual and liturgical resources.