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a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

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For Letare Germania Haggh reconstructs the hours of Terce, Sext, and None (for which Cambrai 38 apparently gives only the chapter) by indicating the missing psalm with antiphons and the responsory, versicle, and collect.
Thomas Connolly's "The Antiphon Cantantibus Organis and Dante's Organi Del Mondo" takes a different interdisciplinary direction, discussing some of his work on Rome and the cult of St.
In describing the familiar phenomenon of like texts prompting the employment of like melodies, citing the antiphons that begin O quam, Benedictus qui venit, and Hodie, he claims that "no study of them from this perspective has yet been published" (p.
69v-155v One copyist: Diego Sanchez Seventeen different copyists, all unidentified Genres: antiphons Genres: antiphons, and motets liturgy for the Dead, Masses, motets, and psalms Dedicated to the Office for the Dead Lord Jesus Christ and to the Virgin 41 of the 44 works Composers: 15 of the have named composers 34 pieces have named composers Remains of the The original original foliation foliation is missing can be seen due to damage or doesn't appear Number of voices: 4- Number of voices: 4, 5-6-8 with one 5-voice piece
The seven sonnets written in response to the Great O Antiphons are especially effective, and Guite has conveniently reproduced the Antiphons in both Latin and English for the reader to make reference to when reading them alongside his sonnets.
Many years ago, Monsignor Edward Ronan of happy memory, would come to Toronto's Seminary to rehearse Tenebrae, the beautiful antiphons for the chanting of the Office (what we now call the Prayer of the Church) in Holy Week.
The familiar Hildegard antiphons and responsorium that follow them to close the program leave the listener feeling soothed and uplifted.
Out with Dave Matthews Band songs at Mass; in with "Our God is an Awesome God" and traditional antiphons.
Rachmaninoff used the various psalms, antiphons and responses from three elements of the Orthodox Divine Office as the text for the "All-Night Vigil.
Santo titled Trois Epiphanies and The Great Antiphons.
It includes all five antiphons for vespers, followed by a versicle and response, a prayer, and then all five antiphons for lauds for each saint.
This is devoted to sacred music, with Lenton Motels, Antiphons and settings of the Nunc Dimittus, Beatus Vir, and Ave Maria and the composer gives us music of succulent rich Harmonies.
However, in spite of its failure to so develop, the processional antiphons that I shall discuss here deserve to be of considerable interest to students of the medieval music drama.
Antiphons Tetralogien und das attische criminalrecht I.
Textures ranged from the chant-like unisons of antiphons by Nivers to the semitonal dissonances of our own Blow, and the flow of the whole late-night presentation was seamlessly marshalled by the enthusiastic Skidmore.