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Synonyms for antiphonary

bound collection of antiphons

relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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118 [Franciscan antiphoner, fourteenth century, unknown church].
16 contains antiphons and Magnificat intonations, together with chapters and collects, for use by the officiant at Vespers, (24) while the Mass antiphoner, MS 52.
Albi, Bibliotheque municipale Rochegude, manuscript 44: a complete ninth-century gradual and antiphoner from southern France.
The most practical approach to editing the Roman antiphoner is to focus on an individual repertory from a specific location or ecclesiastical institution.
The Mass antiphoner, by contrast, is complete in its first appearance, and the Roman and early Frankish versions are nearly identical.
Peter Jeffrey, for instance, traces Eastern influence in the pre-Carolingian Irish liturgy, drawing on a variety of sources but particularly the Bangor Antiphoner.
Smits van Waesberghe also published editions of two other works of Guido, his Prologus to a now lost antiphoner and the Regule (Guidonis Prologus in antiphonarium, Divitiae Musicae Artis, A.
Barbara Haggh's article ("The First Printed Antiphoner of Cambrai Cathedral") deserves more space than this review can give.
A twelfth-century antiphoner and two ordinals are of particular importance for studying the liturgy of Santa Reparata (the cathedral before Santa Maria del Fiore).
A manuscript without shelfmark housed at the Benedictine convent of Santa Cruz de la Seros in Jaca, Spain, is the only antiphoner in diastematic Aquitanian neumes from twelfth-century Aragon and the only known manuscript from Santa Cruz de la Seros to survive.
Together these manuscripts constitute an antiphoner dating from around the year 1000 that tradition ascribes to the monk Hartker (for a facsimile edition see Antiphonaire de Hartker: Manuscrits Saint-Gall, 390-391, new ed.
However limited circulation of the full treatise may have been, its substance was widely disseminated in prefaces to the Cistercian Antiphoner and Gradual, and its precepts were employed in establishing the musical readings decreed for the Cistercian liturgy.
The hymns are from Cambrai, Mediatheque Municipale 32 and Impr XVI C 4 - the latter a printed antiphoner from the early sixteenth century.
Perhaps to make things easier on readers who do not have access to early Spanish breviaries or antiphoners, Marin gives modern chant-book assignments (e.
While the use of individual folios for bindings can perhaps be understood when an institution, after a number of decades, no longer had further use for repertory contained in the original volume, what also frequently occurred was that miniatures and initials were cut out of a choirbook purely for acquisitive purposes, an action even undertaken in the last century by the famous art historian John Ruskin, who desecrated numerous precious antiphoners and psalters for his own ends.