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Synonyms for antiphon

a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

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Invocations of the Buddha, comprising two types: the repetitive chanting of a Buddha's name during circumambulation, which Chen identifies as having three musical styles, and the baiyuan (prostration and vowing) invocation, which involves antiphonal singing by the congregation.
Antiphonal singing is choir/congregation or two sides of the church responding back and forth from one verse to another.
The system of lining-out resembled the traditional African work song form of 'call-and-response' antiphonal singing.
At night, instead of watching television, we listened to the antiphonal singing of the katydids.
The antiphonal singing, simultaneous and spontaneous prayer, dance and motor behaviour found throughout worldwide Pentecostalism emphasize the freedom, equality, community and dignity of each person in the sight of God.