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process in which phagocytes engulf and digest microorganisms and cellular debris

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Both antiphagocytic properties of the organism's capsule itself and possible capsule-independent mechanisms through antiphagocytic proteins and signaling pathways are thought to contribute to its virulence.
Researchers had not previously appreciated the depth to which the MTB genome was devoted to synthesizing the antiphagocytic cell envelope, confirming its importance as a virulence factor and a possible vaccine target.
Antiphagocytic properties of uterine isolates of streptococcus zooepidemicus and mechanisms of killing in freshly obtained blood of horses.
pyogenes cell surface affects important virulence mechanisms, such as host cell adherence and antiphagocytic properties, in a pharmacologically desirable way (Boel et al.
Characterization of the antiphagocytic activity of equine fibrinogen for Streptococcus equi subsp.
anthracis can have both short antiphagocytic activity and leukocidal effects on white blood cells.