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substance that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides

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The two-step photo-grafting process improves the throughput of active packaging coatings, enabling potential roll-to-roll fabrication of metal-chelating active packaging materials for antioxidant food packaging applications.
ANTIOXIDANT FOOD SOURCES Vitamin C citrus fruits; strawberries; green, leafy vegetables; raw cabbage; green peppers; potatoes; broccoli Vitamin A dark-green, orange, and yellow (beta- vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, carotene) squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kale, collard greens, peaches, apricots and cantaloupe Vitamin E nuts; seeds; wheat germ; whole grains; vegetable oil; fish-liver oil; green, leafy vegetables Selenium garlic; eggs; chicken; grains; red meat; fish and shellfish Alpha-lipoic dark-green, leafy vegetables, including acid spinach and collard greens; broccoli; beef; organ meats such as calf's liver Lycopene pink grapefruit; guava; watermelon; rosehips; tomato Polyphenols tea; berries; grapes; turmeric; sesame seeds; artichokes
I think it's high time that someone reviewed some of the realities concerning antioxidant food or beverages, and how these are portrayed to the general population.
In fact, the body of evidence in the scientific literature confirms that (1) food-based antioxidants are good for you, and (2) one ought to expect antioxidant intake, as expressed in ORAC, in the range previously described from single servings of high antioxidant food sources.
Research supports its links to brain health, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, possibly owing to its focus on antioxidant foods and those which reduce inflammation.
To celebrate the company's milestone 21st Anniversary on September 22, 2016, Schakolad Chocolate Factory is approaching this product unveiling from an entirely new perspective by combining two of the highest antioxidant foods found on earth - Red Wine and Dark Chocolate.
Consumers struggling with these stressors could benefit from antioxidant foods and supplements, Mr.
Mr Watson comments: "The question must be asked as to whether daily consumption of antioxidant foods and pills significantly heightens the risk, not only of cancer, but also type 2 diabetes.
Moreover, marketers and media of all stripes continue to educate consumers about the antiaging and immunity-boosting qualities of antioxidants--making antioxidants a household word and helping to counteract barriers raised by the complexity of the antioxidant health message, the lack of content standards, and somewhat stringent FDA guidance on nutrient content claims for antioxidant foods and beverages.
In addition, no link was found between mood and the consumption of other antioxidant foods, such as fish, coffee, caffeine, or fruits and vegetables.
One pertinent issue that manufacturers of high antioxidant foods and beverages need to think about is that consumers are already starting to get used to the proliferation of product labels claiming "high in antioxidants.
New research by the United States Department of Agriculture shows nearly a quarter of the top antioxidant foods are spices, so adding a little extra flavour to your meals can make a big difference to your health.