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a town in southern Turkey

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301-326; Frederick MCLEOD, The Image of God in the Antiochene Tradition, Washington, 1999.
According to one recent scholar, Antiochene Jewish life was "a rare historical example of Jews fully integrated into the life of a city while maintaining their own ancestral traditions.
In particular, Robinson wants to demonstrate 1) that the notion that Ignatius was embroiled in dissension in the Antiochene church is off base and 2) that Ignatius represents a mainstream position when he radically distinguishes Christianity from Judaism.
The Maronites: The Origins of an Antiochene Church" discusses this particular sect in great detail, as Abbot Paul Naaman offers a scholarly discussion of this faith that has over ten million followers around the world, embracing the teachings of a Christian priest in the fifth century serving as the major sect of Christianity by many Christians in the Middle East and Arab World.
By these in-roads the Antiochene Church, those of Galatia, and others
Appointment of an Antiochene to Constantinople was fraught with risk.
firstly, an Antiochene Syriac Church, with a special liturgical heritage; secondly, a Chalcedonian Church; thirdly, a Patriarchal Church with an ascetic and a monastic aspect; fourthly, a Church in full union with the Apostolic Roman See; fifthly, a Church incarnated in her Lebanese and Eastern environment, and the Countries of Expansion.
In a series of chapters, Neusner compares his readings of the document familiarly known as the Jerusalem Talmud (Neusner prefers "Talmud of the Land of Israel"), which was probably completed during this period, with the writings of three contemporary Christian authors--Eusebius of Caesarea, the celebrated "father of Church History"; the Antiochene priest John Chrysostom, who subsequently became bishop of Constantinople; and Aphrahat, whose poetic homilies earned him the title of "the Persian sage.
HIDAL, <<Exegesis of the Old Testament in the Antiochene School with its Prevalent Literal and Historical Method>>, en M.
The union of Cyprus and Antioch before the young Henry I reached majority would have extended Antiochene influence over Cypriot politics at the expense of Ibelin interests.
Theodoret of Cyrus, a fifth-century Antiochene bishop, predicted that the Jews would be convinced that Jesus is the Messiah upon the return of the prophet Elija, a prophecy Weaver (biblical languages, George W.
Attraverso Uranio vescovo d'Imeria Eutiche esercitava il suo controllo sui monaci dell'Osroene e, grazie al monaco Massimo, era in contatto con le comunita monastiche antiochene.
The fourth ecumenical council, on the contrary, armed itself with the Antiochene christological tradition emphasizing the "two natures" of Christ.
Such explanations appear to me much more convincing than a supposed influence from Antiochene theology, or a debt to Paul of Samosata, while Lucian remains an enigma.