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a town in southern Turkey

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Scholars have also failed to address the tensions that would have existed among the Antiochene Jews owing to various historical waves of immigration (38).
The union of Cyprus and Antioch before the young Henry I reached majority would have extended Antiochene influence over Cypriot politics at the expense of Ibelin interests.
Theodoret of Cyrus, a fifth-century Antiochene bishop, predicted that the Jews would be convinced that Jesus is the Messiah upon the return of the prophet Elija, a prophecy Weaver (biblical languages, George W.
The fourth ecumenical council, on the contrary, armed itself with the Antiochene christological tradition emphasizing the "two natures" of Christ.
Theologically, the exegetical method is decisively Antiochene after the manner of Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia.
Brock, referring to the Greek version of the Antiochene baptismal service, observed that the coming of the Holy Spirit is associated "with the pouring of the Myron on to the water.
This idea develops from the fourth-century Antiochene tradition characteristic of John Chrysostom (ca.
The two Antiochene apostles continued this practice during their missionary endeavors.
Rather than being Antiochene, Edwards argues that every doctrine that was peculiar to Antiochene theologians such as Theodore of Mopsuestius and Nestorius was rejected at Chalcedon, while the Alexandrian (and formerly heretical) propositions of Apollinarius were affirmed (171).
The ecclesiastical historian and last great Antiochene theologian, Theodoret of Cyrus (c.
has translated and analyzed many of the Old Testament commentaries of the Antiochene Fathers.
In Christian Thought Revisited, Justo Gonzalez delineated three "types" of theology: Type A, the spokesperson of which is Tertullian and which has a legalistic tendency; Type B, articulated originally by Origen and which is characterized by a concern for truth; and Type C, represented by Irenaeus of Lyons with his Antiochene roots and characterized by a concern for history.
The fair will feature representatives of Methodism, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, American Indian spirituality, Antiochene Catholicism, Unity, Religious Science and the Hindu Society of the Antelope Valley.
The differences between the Alexandrine and Antiochene understandings of the person of Christ were highlighted at the council in the year 451.
Being a true Antiochene exegete, Theodore has derived his specific meanings of these terms from a literal (5) interpretation of how John has employed them in their own contexts.