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Synonyms for ante

up the ante

Synonyms for ante

something risked on an uncertain outcome

Words related to ante

(poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot

place one's stake

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TRANSPL ANTING Curb Your Enthusiasm from Los Angeles to Nor th-West London has really paid off for Jack Dee, who returns as Rick Spleen for a second series.
Designed by German architects, the Shanghai track, built on marshland in the district of Anting, some 25 miles north west of the city, is capable of accommodating 200,000 race fans; it was officially opened in June.
MANCHESTER United stars David Beckham and Ryan Giggs are both united in w anting an end to midday kick-offs.
In this study, the nonendemic area included 313 of them, excluding four townships in the above-defined arseniasis-endemic area and another six neighboring townships: Liuchiao of Chimayo County and Hsinying, Hsiaying, Anting, Chiang-chun, and Yenshui of Taiwan County.
the only way a firm learns about a rival's innovation is upon the actual gr anting of the patent to the rival.
This includes the recent opening of the company's largest research and development center in the world which is located in Anting.
Anyone w anting more information about the project can contact project secretary Sue Tierney on 01352 715723.
He starts off w anting nothing to do with it but as he learns about the atrocities he tries to knock down the doors of the powers that be to get at the truth.
Plant, TRW Automotive Chairman and CEO, commented, "We are delighted to announce the opening of our largest tech center worldwide, located in Anting.
Plant, TRW Automotive chairman and chief executive officer, explained: "We are delighted to announce the opening of our largest tech center worldwide, located in Anting.