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Synonyms for antimony

a metallic element having four allotropic forms

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Since it is the first of its kind, we will auction Antimon to any buyer who wants to be the owner of the world's first transformer," Turgut Alpagot, Sales and Marketing Director of Letrons, told 7DAYS.
Intalezyonel antimon bilesikleri ile 3-5 injeksiyon sonrasi klinik duzelme oluyorsa tani da dogrulanmis olacaktir (4).
In the first scene, the shepherd Antimon describes him as "tutor to this noble man," namely Sempronio, and volunteers to "giue him notice of his kinsmans death" (66-67).
Antimon Come, son, let's make haste to fold up our flocks, I fear we shall have a foul evening.