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a severe recurring vascular headache

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Intranasal administration provides nose to brain targeting of essential oils for antimigraine effect.
algodoeiro) seeds are reported to have antioxidant activity, antidiarrheic, wound healing, antimigraine, diuretic and dismenorrhea (Narasimha et al.
Pharmacological studies of the aqueous extract of Sapindus trifoliatus on central nervous system: possible antimigraine mechanisms.
Many adults with chronic migraine or refractory migraine began their disease with episodic migraine in childhood or adolescence that was often not treated with targeted, specific antimigraine therapy.
It's important to remember that the antimigraine triptan medications are contraindicated in patients who have uncontrolled hypertension or significant vascular risk, Dr.
The erosion rate is controllable, and there is no residue to remove and so far has shown promise for the administration of pain medications, antiemetics, and antimigraine drugs (Clinical Trials, 2008, February).
The guide includes a new chapter on neuropsychiatric disorders and new information on antimigraine medications.
Analysts still expect strong sales for Lipitor and such newer products as Caduet, a cardiovascular drug; Lyrica, a treatment for neuropathic pain and epileptic seizures; Relpax, an antimigraine drug; Spiriva for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder; and Macugen for macular degeneration.
Her obstetrician had treated the headaches with antimigraine medication and treated a sinus infection with Macrobid (P&G Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, OH) without relief.
Although use of antimigraine and antiemetics agents have been increasingly successful in preventing and aborting episodes, other management strategies must also be utilized.
Prophylaxis with antimigraine medication often can reduce the frequency of vomiting episodes: A good way to start is with propranolol (Inderal), a [beta]-blocker.
Glaxo accepted a delay for several years for Imigran, an antimigraine in France rather than accept a low price that would have undercut its higher price elsewhere.
Jamie, now 13, was put on special medication and has been taking antimigraine drugs ever since .
The development and gradual escalation of central hypersensitivity points to the need for early utilization of antimigraine drugs.