Anti-Masonic Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Las tres escritas con una metodologia y finalidad radicalmente diferentes a las que en su dia practico el antimason Gustave Bord en su --por otra parte util-- Liste des Francs-macons ayant frequente les loges francaises constituees avant la fondation du Grand Orient (Paris, 1914).
Pero no soy antimason, puesto que cuanto se acerca de este asunto me lleva a tener una idea favorable de la Orden Masonica.
To connect with this passionate and largely unschooled citizenry attracted by the populism of the Democrats and Antimasons, a more direct style of public speaking emerged.
This intrusion had been attempted before, also in the Burned-Over District where the Liberty party arose, by Antimasons.
Bullock explains how Antimasons used newspapers to bolster their cause, organized parties in most northern states, and often formed coalitions with Democrats and Whigs for the election of state candidates to office.