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Antilocapra americana peninsularis is one of five subspecies of pronghorn antelope native to North America (Hall 1981).
A census of the area during the period of winter concentration in 1985 revealed a population of 70 individuals (SEDUE 1986) of Antilocapra americana peninsularis.
In living Antilocapra americana, loss of infundibula in molars occurs by ca.
Mammals known from the study area include Dipodomys ordii (Ord's kangaroo rat), Onychomys leucogaster (northern grasshopper mouse), Perognathus flavescens (plains pocket mouse), Peromyscus maniculatus (deer mouse), Reithrodontomys montanus (plains harvest mouse), Sigmodon hispidus (hispid cotton rat), Neotoma micropus (wood rat), Spermophilus spilosoma (spotted ground squirrel), Canis latrans (coyote), Taxidea taxus (badger), Lepus californicus (black-tailed jackrabbit), Sylvilagus audubonii (desert cottontail), Antilocapra americana (pronghorn), and Bos bos (cattle).
Antilocapra americana (pronghorn) and Callipepla gambelii (Gambel's quail) are common while Pecari tajacu (collared peccary) and Odocoileus (deer) are less common.
Antilocapra americana (fragment of metapodial, including distal end, 1969).
hemionus (mule deer), and Antilocapra americana (pronghorn) often makes identification of these species difficult on the basis of skeletal remains.
A population viability analysis for the endangered Sonoran pronghorn, Antilocapra americana sonoriensis.