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a group of islands in the West Indies

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Independent appearance of an innovative feeding behaviour in Antillean bullfinches.
The Antillean track was associated with the mountains in several islands in the Greater Antilles.
Critique: A truly exceptional work of seminal scholarship, "The Music of the Netherlands Antilles: Why Eleven Antilleans Knelt before Chopin's Heart" is impressively well written, organized and presented.
Jamaica and the rest of the Antillean region was a poorly known, almost completely ignored backwater for students of ichnology until 1990, when Ron Pickerill first came to Jamaica.
Do the Antillean species of Gochnatia Kunth (Asteraceae) truly belong in that genus?
It is stated by the Antillean Gas Vice President Rolando GonzEilez that the use of a cheaper and cleaner fuel, which would let the transformation of more than 1,000 megawatts of power generation.
If, as Fanon accepts, hallucination occurs when the unity of the white self is threatened, the black Antillean man's hallucination suggests that the unity of the self--the sense of a wholeness to be protected from the racial other for whom the self is "suffused with attraction, repulsion, denial, and anxiety" (Verges 1997, 580)--is an impossible fiction as long as he remains a racialized colonial subject.
Debrot himself has claimed that "the hybrid character of our literature, the literature of a mixed population and therefore also a mixed literature, means that different parts of it might belong equally to a Dutch or Spanish environment as to an Antillean one.
WaGaNCHe is a fine way to discover the Caribbean's Amerindian heritage, a heritage too often overlooked, but proudly being reclaimed by descendants of the Ciboney and other aboriginal Antillean peoples and increasingly by others seeking to connect Native North America to the Indigenes of Latin America.
To further develop business in damage management after disasters, DEKRA has founded a new company on the Dutch Antillean island Curacao: DEKRA Caribbean.
The systematic status of Tadarida brasiliensis cynocephala and Antillean members of the Tadarida brasiliensis group, with comments on the generic name Rhizomops legendre.
In "The Dance of Blood," an Antillean woman with Amazonian, Berber, African, and Andalusian substrata epitomizes the forces of transculturation, as in Julia de Burgos's "Ay, ay, ay de la grifa negra" and Nicolas Guillen's "El abuelo.
Parallel to these developments were the rise of claims by predominantly Dutch people of Surinamese and Antillean origin for attention to slavery and historic injustice, and the absence of this part of Dutch history in Dutch schoolbooks.
Furthermore, the author proposes that this Antillean model could expand as a "Greater Caribbean" approach--eventually the professionals in the discipline would combine their works and contribute to the reconstruction of the precolonial history of the region.
The first step in this process, when it comes to revisiting Fanon's work from our own time and place, involves engaging with that work in all its specificity and singularity, so let me turn to the question of the Antillean context of Fanon's life and work.