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a group of islands in the West Indies

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185) doubles as the guiding imperative and ongoing challenge to Antilleans and non-Antilleans alike.
A working list of 263 Lesser Antillean endemic taxa was prepared using the Flora of the West Indies database at the Smithsonian Institution (Acevedo-Rodriguez & Strong, 2012, 2016).
The companies COASTAL (Propagas and Tropigas), PROMIGAS, IPSON, InterEnergy and BW has formed the Antillean Gas Ltd.
After years of unbelonging in Europe because of his Antillean identity, "Frits longs nostalgically for the security of his youth on the plantation and his untroubled affectionate relationship with the dark skinned young playmate, Maria" (Rojer 7).
Unlike many Eumastacinae it shows no association with ferns--which is also true of the related Antillean Espagnolinae (D.
The first step in this process, when it comes to revisiting Fanon's work from our own time and place, involves engaging with that work in all its specificity and singularity, so let me turn to the question of the Antillean context of Fanon's life and work.
A World among These Islands: Essays on Literature, Race, and National Identity in Antillean America
for his discourse was Antillean, and Pan-American, and universal) a centre in the self that was not self-centredness, but new balance; new middle-strength.
Their topics include the history of Amerindian mitochondrial DNA lineages in Puerto Rico, site distribution patterns and radiocarbon chronologies in pre-Columbian Cuba, crossing the Guadeloupe Passage in the Archaic Age, Carriacou's chronological position in Antillean prehistory, and a genetic view of Caribbean prehistory and New World colonization.
Metaphorical hunger also occupies an important position within Guadeloupean and Martinican literary history as the motivating force driving the practice of literary cannibalism, a practice singled out by Suzanne Cesaire as essential to the future of Antillean literature when she famously declared, in 1942, "Martinican poetry will be cannibal, or will not be" ("La poesie martiniquaise sera cannibale ou ne sera pas") (50).
Melo (1985) recognized that some species from the Virginian, Carolinian, and Antillean patterns have northern and southern populations (in southeastern Brazil) separated by 30[degrees], 45[degrees], and 50[degrees], respectively.
Understandably, it is to the enduring legacy of the sugar plantation complex that students of the Antillean chain have aimed a great deal of their interests.
Hill's unique insight into Jamaica in an Antillean context; Wendell Woodring's great systematic achievement; Charles Matley and Charles Trechmann, the two battling mavericks of the 1920s and 1930s; and the establishment of the modern Geological Survey Division under Verners Zans after World War II.
Ha publicado mas de treinta libros sobre arquitectura y urbanismo en America Latina y el Caribe, entre los que cabe citar: Las estructuras ambientales de America Latina, Arquitectura y urbanismo de la Revolucion Cubana y Havana, Two faces of the Antillean metropolis, en colaboracion con John L.
The selections bring to light a fresh concoction of Portuguese, Brazilian and African-inspired compositions with jazz, pop, Antillean and Mediterranean modalities.