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a group of islands in the West Indies

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Esta epidemia fue la mas importante de todas las que afectaron a la mayor de las Antillas, por la cantidad de muertos que causo pero, sobre todo, porque provoco una fuerte polemica entre Jose Antonio Saco y Ramon de la Sagra en varios periodicos.
El mismo Llorens Torres hace explicito el valor politico del libro al indicar en su nota de la Revista de las Antillas como los poemas que Chocano le dedico a la isla le valdrian a esta reconocimiento universal como patria hispanoamericana:
Mesloh Chaired the negotiating of the Bahamas II and Antillas I contracts.
Last month roofer Benjamin Harper, 28, died at the four-star Sol Antillas in the resort.
With distribution by Antillas Records in New York City and iTunes, the album is packed with fresh beats and already the Bachata 'Mira Mi' is turning heads.
Llorens Torres es considerado el poeta nacional de Puerto Rico y fundador de la Revista de las Antillas (1913-1914), donde se centraron los poetas del modernismo puertorriqueno.
Teleglobe also owns capacity in the Alonso de Ojeda, Americas 1, Antillas 1, Bahamas 2, CARAC, Columbus 2, ECFS, PTAT, Taino-Caribe, TCS 1 and Unisur systems.
However, Montreal-based Antillas Express, which doesn't depend on online credit-card transactions for its Cuba wire business, was candid about its service--and its hopes of increased business from Cuban exiles.
Motherhood is also working with Antillas Air who is providing free airfreight to the Dominican Republic.
These include Americas 1, ANTILLAS 1, APCN, CANUS-1, CANTAT-3, DK-SWE, Estepona-Tetouan, Finland-Sweden, FLAG (various segments), Gemini, JASURAUS, KATTEGAT-1, ODIN 1, ODIN 2, PTAT-1, NPC, RIOJA 2, RIOJA 3, Southern Cross, SWE-FIN, SWE-Latvia, Taino-Carib, TAT-12 and 13, UK-GER 6, and the UK-NL 14 undersea fiber optic cable systems.
Benjamin Harper, 28, plunged from the fifth floor of the Hotel Antillas just after 6am and Majorcan paramedics spent two hours trying to save him.
For a long time, independent services like Montreal's Antillas Express and Miami's Va Cuba were the only way to go.
RSL COM also owns circuits in other cable systems, including PTAT, TAT 12/13, CANUS 1, CANTAT-3, ODIN 1, ODIN 2, Rioja 2, Rioja 3, UK-Netherlands 14, UK-Germany 6, Antillas 1, Americas 1, Taino-Carib, Kattegat 1, NPC, Jasuraus, APCN, MCC, FLAG and CMC.
In 2002, the five municipalities with the island's highest jobless rate were all in eastern Cuba: Moa, Nuevitas, Antillas, Frank Pais and Mayari.
Seven nights' at four-star Sol Antillas inc flight, pounds 465 per person.