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Considerations on deciding whether to initiate antihelminthic therapy once a diagnosis of neurocysticercosis has been established should include the number of cysts present, whether the cysts are viable or calcified, and whether the patient is symptomatic or asymptomatic.
Also, it is used as an antispasmodic, antihelminthic, carminative, antidiabetic, diuretic and antihypertensive [3].
The fact that there will be distribution of antihelminthic drugs had, at least, alleviated their fears and worry.
Antihelminthic treatment with albendazole (400 mg 2x/d) and concomitantly with methyl-prednisolone (20 mg 2x/d) was initiated, and the patient recovered rapidly.
Evaluation therapeutic effects of antihelminthic agents albendazole, fenbendazole and praziquantel against coenurosis in sheep.
Antihelminthic treatment may result in pericystic inflammatory reaction which might worsen the clinical state.
Effects of the antibacterial agents tiamulin, olanquindox and metronidazole and the antihelminthic ivermectin on the soil invertebrate species Folsomia fimeteria (Collembola) and Enchytraeus crypticus (Enchytraeidae).
Key Words: antihelminthic, cysticercosis, intraventricular, shunting
2] Treatment with an antihelminthic agent is usually effective in mild cases, and prognosis is excellent.
11] All the girls/women were given a supervised single dose antihelminthic drug (Tab Albendazole 400 mg) and advice on healthy dietary practices with available resources such as use of jaggery, green-leafy vegetables, meat.
10] Possible reasons may be inadequate dietary intake owing to lack of parental awareness of low-cost nutritionally rich food options and the importance of regular (biannual) antihelminthic medication.
20) Since then, epidemiological and laboratory studies have demonstrated increasing macrocyclic lactone antihelminthic resistance by D.
Intestinal parasitic infections aggravate the existing anaemia (16), and as low as 3% women in the poorest urban wealth quartile received an antihelminthic dose during pregnancy.
Walnut leaves are considered a source of healthcare compounds and have been intensely used in traditional medicine for treatment of venous insufficiency and haemorrhoidal symptomatology and for its antidiarrheic, antihelminthic, depurative and astringent properties (Van Hellemont 1986; Bruneton 1993; Wichtl and Anton 1999).
Although Iraqi refugees resettling to the United States from Jordan and Iraq routinely receive presumptive antihelminthic treatment with albendazole (7), none of the Iraqi refugees assessed in San Diego County during FYs 2008 and 2009 (including those from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and other countries without presumptive therapy) had evidence of intestinal helminths on stool microscopy.