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(Greek mythology) the daughter of King Oedipus who disobeyed her father and was condemned to death

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Should Antigone obey Creon, or must she follow her conscience and lay her beloved brother to rest?
The placatory announcements followed a series of increasingly vitriolic attacks between Thoc and the auditor-general last week which culminated on Friday with audit service officials being turned away from Thoc headquarters when they turned up to collect the accounts covering the production of Antigone.
Antigone, the female protagonist dominates the plot of the play.
In a country where the cultural scene is dominated by the French-speaking community or imports from the West, the stage is a surprising home for migrants and refugees--but both Shebaik Lebaik and Antigone aimed to quite literally cast these groups in a new light.
00 Wolverhampton Antigone (born before 317BC-295BC) was a Greek Macedonian noblewoman.
The production, which also runs Thursday and Friday, is a show of defiance as the women act out their painful experiences through the rebellious character of Antigone, whose two brothers lead opposite sides in a brutal civil war.
Antigone asks in a monologue that decries the injustice that has befallen her.
EASTON -- Lunenburg native Mary Catherine Heelan, a member of the class of 2015 at Stonehill College, will play the role of Antigone in Stonehill Theatre Company's Fall 2014 production of "Antigone.
me as sexy governess, bending over, kneeling, but not as Antigone, her
PILOT Theatre has brought a fresh adaptation of Sophocles' great tragedy Antigone.
Antigone, Northern Stage, until Saturday GREEK tragedies are not known for their action sequences.
As Mark Griffith (1999, 51) has remarked, "Gender lies at the root of the problems of Antigone," but much of that attention to gender has focused on analyzing Antigone (e.
An Arab version of the classical Greek play, Antigone , was recently brought to life on stage by a cast of students of Georgetown University in Qatar ( GU-Q) to an audience of 150 students, staff, faculty and family members.
Interrogating Antigone in Postmodern Philosophy and Criticism Edited by S.
What interests me in going back to Antigone is that she might have been the first paradigmatic character in the Western canon who expresses her guilt conscience without showing a sense of remorse or shame.