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Synonyms for drift

Synonyms for drift

to move along with or be carried away by the action of water


to pass smoothly, quietly, and undisturbed on or as if on a slippery surface


to move about at random, especially over a wide area

to put into a disordered pile

something suggestive of running water

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

the thread or current of thought uniting or occurring in all the elements of a text or discourse

Synonyms for drift

a force that moves something along

Related Words

the gradual departure from an intended course due to external influences (as a ship or plane)

a process of linguistic change over a period of time

a large mass of material that is heaped up by the wind or by water currents

a general tendency to change (as of opinion)

the pervading meaning or tenor


Related Words

a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine

be in motion due to some air or water current

wander from a direct course or at random

move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

vary or move from a fixed point or course

Related Words

live unhurriedly, irresponsibly, or freely

move in an unhurried fashion

cause to be carried by a current

drive slowly and far afield for grazing

Related Words

be subject to fluctuation

Related Words

be piled up in banks or heaps by the force of wind or a current

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Between the years of antigenic shifts, antigenic drifts have happened almost annually and have resulted in outbreaks of variable extent and severity.
Although vaccine effectiveness was reduced this season because of antigenic drift in H3N2 viruses, vaccination was still protective against vaccine-like influenza A (H3N2) viruses and influenza B viruses.
Our chances of having a perfect vaccine match during an outbreak may be low due to antigenic drift, but if we have a vaccine that offers some protection in the face of an epidemic like the one in 1918-1919, significant amounts of morbidity and mortality could be averted.
Having such a process in place gives some assurance that researchers would be able to respond quickly to any antigenic drift the H5 virus might experience, Dr.
Antigenic Drift Will Not Pose a Problem for NanoViricides' Drugs, says Company
Similar to other viruses in the antigenic cluster, H3N2-[beta] A/swine/Texas/ A01104013/2012(H3N2) had a R189K mutation at the antibody-binding site of the hemagglutinin protein, which caused a recent antigenic drift in subtype H3N2 IAVs (5,12).
One reason that it has been difficult to assess health risks associated with the influenza vaccine is that the vaccine's components can change from year to year in response to antigenic drift.
In addition, continual antigenic drift among influenza viruses frequently results in the circulation of new strains that may not be adequately covered by older vaccine.
This could be necessary if antigenic drift reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine recently announced as being in development at GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) or flu vaccines in the pipeline at French-based Sanofi Aventis (NYSE:SNY).
To assess the extent of antigenic drift among recent human subtype H5N1 virus isolates relative to WHO-recommended candidate vaccine viruses, we performed hemagglutinin inhibition (HI) tests using ferret antisera raised against a panel of viruses, including A/Egypt/ N03072/2010 (the clade 2.
Unlike the injectable vaccine, protection provided by the nasal one appears to be commensurate with the other 3 years when an antigenic drift from the vaccine strain was noted--about 85%, versus 30%-50% for the injectable.
Antigenic drift, which occurs in viruses in all three groups, necessitates annual reformulation of the vaccine [6-8].
Given the mutations and antigenic drift, because of which vaccines will always have limited effectiveness in control, new treatments such as ours, will be essential.