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the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

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Hexon, is major structural protein and carries the type, group and sub-group specific antigenic determinants.
Analysis of the antigenic determinant groups of the mannan of Candida albicans serotype A.
Glycophorins of human erythrocytes, carry blood group antigenic determinants and serve as receptors for viruses, bacteria and parasites, have been thoroughly studied (Kumar et al.
Penicillin is metabolised into major (penicilloyl) and minor (penicilloate and penilloate) antigenic determinants.
Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA) has patented live, attenuated recombinant rabies virus vaccines generated using reverse genetics to combine the antigenic determinants that render the rabies virus non-pathogenic with the determinants that are responsible for the elicitation of an effective anti-rabies immune response.
HLA II tg mice provide a powerful model for an exhaustive characterization and identification of the antigenic determinants on allergens.
The relatively new field of glycoimmunology has emerged from the marriage of glycobiology and immunology, in recognition of the important role carbohydrates play as antigenic determinants.
Using vesicular stomatitis virus and prostate and melanoma derived libraries, this is curative in mice and we have established its mechanisms and the key antigenic determinants (Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology).
The RAYS ratios before and after denaturation and the overall distinction between linear and conformational antigenic determinants of the SARS-CoV N protein are shown in Fig.