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Synonyms for presentation

Synonyms for presentation

the act of conferring, as of an honor

something bestowed freely

the instance or occasion of being presented for the first time to society

Synonyms for presentation

the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward)

Related Words

the act of making something publicly available

the act of presenting a proposal

a visual representation of something

formally making a person known to another or to the public

(obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal

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The mechanisms responsible for the targeting of CD1 molecules from the lysosome to the plasma membrane are not well understood, but it is known that localization of these molecules in lipid rafts improves antigen presentation [39].
Dexamethasone inhibits the antigen presentation of dendritic cells in MHC class II pathway," Immunology Letters, vol.
Neem leaf glycoprotein helps to generate carcinoembryonic antigen specific antitumor immune responses utilizing macrophage mediated antigen presentation.
We report significant increments of surface markers that mediate antigen presentation, that is, CD40 and CD80 at lags 2 and 3, and CD86, HLA-DR, and IgE processing, that is, CD23, at lag 4.
Among these many effects, those leading to enhanced antigen presentation by various APCs are probably of the greatest importance for the adjuvant activity.
It also relates to such a complex further comprising at least one peptide which specifically binds to a receptor expressed on a cell capable of antigen presentation, which cell expresses MHC Class I or Class II and to compositions comprising the complexes.
They indicate that antigen presentation by HLA-DP-like MHC II+ cells of the uterus is not influenced by hormonal status.
has been awarded a Japanese patent related to the company's antigen presentation technology.
One of the theories with the diphtheria added with it is that there may be some intolerance early on that is interfering with the antigen presentation with pertussis," Dr.
MHC-peptide complexes are transported from within the cell to its surface, where they may interact with T cells in a process termed antigen presentation (see below).
48) Another central autoantibody-independent function of B cells is in the regulation of T cells through antigen presentation.
Chapters are in sections on antigen presentation in the immune system, molecular mechanisms of antigen processing, antigen presenting cells' ligands recognized by T- and Toll-like receptors, the repertoire of antigen presenting cells, and antigen presenting cells as drug targets.
These proteins normally hold pieces of invading bacteria and virus on the surface of specialized antigen presentation cells.
Interferon appears to be an excellent adjuvant that enhances production of immunoglobulins and contributes to the activation of dendritic cells required for antigen presentation (21-23).