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magnetic field creates parallel but opposing spins

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We consider the effects of non-linear (second order) corrections to the high-frequency susceptibilities of a material that is simultaneously ferroelectric and a canted antiferromagnet (multiferroic).
The patent covers data storage and retrieval in switchable synthetic antiferromagnet memory cells based on an antiparallel "sandwich" structure.
The exchange coupling between a ferromagnet (FM) and an antiferromagnet (AF) creates a magnetic bias field on the ferromagnet and thereby controls its magnetization characteristics.
In this case, the organic metal becomes an antiferromagnet, in which the spins of neighboring ions line up parallel to each other but in opposite directions.
7], where the Er moments exhibit two dimensional behavior (78-79), and it turns out to be an ideal two-dimensional S = 1/2 Ising antiferromagnet.
In this particular case, the spins of neighboring ions line up parallel to each other but in opposite directions to create what is known as an antiferromagnet.
However, when the spacer layer is an antiferromagnet, such as manganese (Mn), the observed coupling is non-collinear.
We recently discovered that antiferromagnets can be active components in spintronics devices despite their lack of a macroscopic magnetic moment, and even when they are insulating.