anti-dumping duty

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a tariff imposed to prevent dumping

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As such, they should no longer be entitled to benefit from their conditional revocation from coverage under the antidumping duty order.
Once the DOC or the ITC has issued positive antidumping duty orders against the foreign company, the foreign company may petition either agency to appeal.
In 2003-2004, Commerce conducted the first sunset review on imports from these four countries and found that revocation of the antidumping duty orders would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping at the same rates as found in the original investigations.
The NCA's main concern is whether the Department of Commerce will determine that the current antidumping duty of 108.3% for petroleum wax candles made in China should be extended to candles containing any amount of petroleum wax.
consumers and Brazilian orange farmers will pay for the new antidumping duty the Commerce Department began imposing on Brazilian orange juice imports on August 18, local analysts said.
Importers also must certify that they have not been reimbursed for the antidumping duty. (9) If the declared value for imports from China suddenly drops after an order is issued, it will signal to Customs to begin an investigation, possibly leading to both criminal and civil penalties for undervaluing imports and false certification.
The ITC, a quasi-judicial federal agency, gave a final ruling on the case, overturning a preliminary ruling issued last August by the Commerce Department to slap an antidumping duty of 22.52 percent on engines made by Yamaha Motor Co.
antidumping duty. Both the lumber and dumping duties were imposed after the U.S.
The antidumping duty rate is 95.29% for NKK Corp., Nippon Steel Corp., Kawasaki Steel Corp.
In addition, there's an antidumping duty, to punish Canadian companies for selling softwood lumber at below-market rates, which would average 9.67 percent.
imposed a countervailing duty and an antidumping duty on the softwood lumber industry last year after the five-year agreement on softwood trade between the U.S.
The rest of the companies, which were not identified, must pay antidumping duty at the 53.6% level.
The request is ''based on the grounds that a review of the measures would be likely to result in a repeal or a reduction of the current antidumping duty applicable to it,'' the journal said.
In spite of problems in the methodology of calculating antidumping duties, once an antidumping duty is imposed, it may remain in force for years without periodic review of whether the foreign country had ceased dumping.
assessed an antidumping duty, which the taxpayer paid and deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense.