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a drug used to control or stop diarrhea

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Antioxidant, antidiarrhoeal and cytotoxic properties of Punica granatum Linn.
All patients should be offered conservative management, which includes dietary advice, antidiarrhoeal or constipating drugs and physiotherapy.
Antidiarrhoeal activity of extract from roots of Rumex hastatus (Family: Polygonaceae) on experimental animals".
Assessment of analgesic and antidiarrhoeal activities of different fractions of crude extract of Stephania japonica stem.
Biological screening of traditional preparations from some medicinal plants used as antidiarrhoeal in Kinshasha, Congo.
Antidiarrhoeal agents are contraindicated as the decreased bowel transit time may increase toxin-associated damage.
The use of bacillus subtilis as an antidiarrhoeal microorganism.
Antidiarrhoeal activity of Ziziphus mauritiana root extract in rodents.
Patients with a history of chronic diarrhoea, dysentery, receiving antimicrobial or antidiarrhoeal drugs within one week before admission, renal or hepatic dysfunction, known allergies to eggs, and refusal of written informed consent were excluded from the study.
Antibacterial and antidiarrhoeal effects of alkaloids of Holarrhena antidysenterica WALL.
The hydroalcoholic extract from the leaves decrease the levels of the enzyme xanthine oxidase, supposed to be involved in the development of gout, besides showing vasorelaxing, antioxidant, antidiarrhoeal, hypoglycemic, hypotriglyceridemic and bactericide properties, this last one also observed in the essential oil (Ogunwande et al 2005).
Brian was given antidiarrhoeal agent codeine phosphate to take four times a day, although his dosage has since reduced to just one tablet every other day.
As a corollary to that deal, Chattem Inc also picked up some former Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer brands, including ACT mouthwash, Balmex diaper rash treatment, Cortizone anti-itch treatment, Kaopectate antidiarrhoeal, and Unisom sleep aids.