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Presently, about one in four Americans will succumb to major depression during some period of their lives, and antidepressant drug use has skyrocketed in recent years.
The scientists obtained reviews conducted at the Food and Drug Administration for 74 clinical trials, covering a total of 12,564 depressed patients who received any of 12 antidepressant drugs.
Antidepressant drugs can have adverse effects such as nausea, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, weight loss, and tremors.
Mealey's Litigation Report: Antidepressant Drugs, Shane Dilworth, editor, $12x, $599/year
Over the past 30 years we have treated over 30,000 patients with chronic depression which has failed to respond to one or more antidepressant drugs.
Antidepressant drugs were not the focus of this program, and were only briefly mentioned as a tool that some people may need temporarily.
Mealey Publications (King of Prussia, PA), a unit of LexisNexis (Dayton, OH), will begin the publication of three new reports in July and August, including Mealey's Intellectual Property Pleadings, Mealey's Litigation Report: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Mealey's Litigation Report: Antidepressant Drugs.
It may also boost the popularity of other treatments, such as psychotherapy Numerous studies suggest that depression relapse rates are lower among patients who complete a program of psychotherapy than among patients who take antidepressant drugs.
Antidepressant drugs make serotonin more active in the brain and help regulate mood.
It is also influenced by antidepressant drugs, particularly the newer generation of SSRIs.
UP to one million people in the UK could be driving under the effects of antidepressant drugs, which can include aggression, dizziness and blurred vision, the RAC said.
Folic acid's effect of boosting response rates may well apply to other antidepressant drugs, Dr.
A 1994 meta-analysis pooled the results of the 13 studies then available into two larger studies, one comparing SAM-e with placebos, the other with antidepressant drugs.