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Synonyms for grief

Synonyms for grief

mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair

Synonyms for grief

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

something that causes great unhappiness


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If ambivalent feelings toward one's career are present (as is the case in most career choices), Aldrich has noted, anticipatory grief may stir up feelings of hostility, obstructing post-loss resolution.
Colleagues, partners, family, and friends can be helpful during anticipatory grief.
Who better than hospice to minister to Terri, her family, her caregivers and all of us as we experience anticipatory grief over the loss of Terri's life?
A grief reaction to an expected death or loss is referred to as anticipatory grief (Aldrich, 1963; Fulton & Gottesman, 1980; Lindemann, 1944; Rando, 1986).
Because most or all people who are HIV infected will develop AIDS and die (Keeling, 1993), they have to deal with anticipatory grief issues, and they may "feel that they are moving through life and life stages in fast-forward or at an accelerated pace" (Hoffman, 1991, p.