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Synonyms for anticipation

Synonyms for anticipation

the condition of looking forward to something, especially with eagerness

something expected

Synonyms for anticipation

an expectation

something expected (as on the basis of a norm)

anticipating with confidence of fulfillment


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If we compare the anticipation of EU, EBRD, IMF and WB, the highest growth rates are anticipated in Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.
Given that there have been no studies to date on client anticipations about CACGs, it is appropriate to first provide a comprehensive examination of client anticipations about career counseling in general.
Galassi, Crace, Martin, James, and Wallace (1992) investigated the extent to which client preferences and actual anticipations about career counseling were congruent.
The appropriateness of client anticipations about how CACGs might be used in career problem solving should be examined in light of the actual capability of the CACG systems.
Existing studies, as well as the call for further research, suggest that client anticipations play an important role in the career problem-solving process, but these studies have not systematically assessed the range of client anticipations about use of the CACG systems, nor have they directly related research results to an existing classification system.
The Anticipations About Computer Outcome--Form A (AACO-A), which we created specifically for this study, consisted of one open-ended question, "What do you anticipate the computer will do for you?
To assess clients' responses to specific cues about how the CACGs might address career decision-making and problem-solving needs, we created the Anticipations About Computer Outcomes--Form B (AACO-B) for this study.
The AACO-A was placed before the AACO-B to reduce cuing of client anticipations and to gain the participants' initial thoughts as to the usefulness of CACGs in their career decision making and problem solving.
Researchers categorized the anticipation from different points of view already.
I understand unconscious implicit anticipation as the behaviour that the creature was already equipped with either by nature (evolution) or creator (in artificial case) and which is also not voluntary controlled.
The anticipation brings into the projection another variable.
One thing that should be realized at this point is that on unconscious implicit anticipation level there is no mechanism to modify the rule base (only evolution or redesign).
Except the basic reaction base another area of involving the implicit and unconscious anticipation is the inner agent processes which imitate the creature physiology, energy management, and other internal processes.
Let me continue with next and for this paper last level of anticipation in my model.
This is another important thought of my work, I use the levels to logically discuss the influence of anticipation, but using one implementation such as ACS will implement several levels from my architecture.