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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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(62) The Just Censure and Reproof of Martin Junior, printed in July 1589, opened with the remarks admonishing Martin Junior that "the men of sin themselves, I mean the Canterbury Caiaphas, with the rest of his antichristian beasts, who bear his abominable mark, were content in a manner to turn his purposes from a serious matter to a point of jesting, wherewith they would have only rimers and stage-players (that is, plain rogues, as thou hast well noted) to deal.
Evans continued this approach by blaming William Miller for misleading his followers and "claiming, only as a natural man, to believe (in common with all the great antichristian world) in the literal, natural coming of the Lord and by calculation (not revelation) he thought that the world would be up in 1843." (48) Through this statement, Evans encouraged his audience to place their anger on Miller and hold him responsible for deceiving the Adventists.
Valentine's has now been used by secularists to push their "antiChristian agenda."
The intelligent design movement has similar characteristics, particularly in its "wedge strategy" for defeating "scientific materialism and its destructive moral, cultural, and political legacies" and replacing it with "the 'theistic' understanding that nature and human beings are created by God." (7) Religious opposition to mainstream climate change science can also fit this pattern when environmental claims, such as global warming, are identified with "antichristian" or "antihuman" forces in a larger culture war.
He points to the increasing aggression of this "Christophobic" (dare we say "Antichristian"?) secular power in the early twenty-first century; for example, "the 'gay marriage' insurgency is nothing less than an effort to redefine human nature through the use of state power, coercively if necessary" (p.
(7) John Parker traces such links between spiritual and commercial returns in The Aesthetics of Antichrist, especially in his chapter "Blood Money: Antichristian Economics and the Drama of the Sacraments" (87-138).
Larrivee's project illustrates another truth of the times, which is that while the preponderance of antiChristian violence may stem from Islamic radicalism, that's far from the only source.
The patient considers that it is not fair that this destiny is applied to him/her while other members of society (often people with antisocial or antichristian behavior) are healthy.
Ten months on, the revolutionary fervour that had Muslim and Christian leaders sharing the podium in Cairo's Tahrir Square is fading: imams broadcast antiChristian sermons, Copts view Muslim neighbours warily and petty disputes quickly escalate into bloody sectarian clashes.
For the Christian church was at that time transformed into the antichristian church.
(24.97-101) In the rush to do battle with the Pope and his "antichristian kingdom" (59), the church militant has no time for tears.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Nietzsche became a pop-cultural figure by the early 20th century, though as much for his perceived antiChristian and elitist ideas as for his subtler perspectivism.
While adulating adultery, the Provencal poets took a revolutionary and antichristian stand on the ground that marriage presupposes carnal possession which is detrimental to the spiritual growth and elevation of the lover-initiate.
Antichristian "carnivals" were organized in place of the most important religious celebrations of the year.