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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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Biblical eschatology, Neal argues, is only concerned with Gog and his ten nation coalition force, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel, the Church and the infamous "beast" or world-empire he terms the "Kingdom of the Antichrist.
He said he killed her on the orders of the Holy Spirit and told police: "You should be happy the Antichrist is dead.
FDR may not himself have been the Antichrist, but his election and the policies he implemented were signs that the Antichrist was coming soon.
Please yourselves but remember this, when the Italian ref blew for time and the antichrist signed off with: "Good night's work by England" it was merely a prelude of what's to come.
It is interesting to know that there are hundreds of prophecies in all divine books showing that Iranians will be in God's front where Jesus will also be present after his reappearance on Earth, and the US and Zionists will help the Antichrist.
As he was taken out, the man called out that Obama is an antichrist.
Massegee gives to show the connection between the Islamic God Allah and the Christian God Elohim - as well as Islam's connection to the Antichrist and to the last days.
MS Besancon 579, a deluxe mid-fourteenth-century manuscript, contains the only known version of the French mystery play Jour du Jugement, which provides the most detailed and extensive dramatic account of the arrival, life, and destruction of Antichrist (fig.
According to Religion Dispatches, Levesque claimed that Obama "twist[s] the word of God" and "the Antichrist Quotient goes up above and beyond for someone who would so blatantly attack the word of God.
I cannot imagine that the issue of the Antichrist can stir any controversies; the issue is well known among Muslims, and there are many books concerned with this topic.
LARS VON TRIER'S ANTICHRIST had provoked audiences at Cannes to boos, laughter, condemnation, and the occasional declaration of genius two months before making its way into a small theater in Greenwich Village on a gorgeous summer morning this past July.
Warrior from Heaven" discusses the idea of Christ as liberator in the eventual rapture to stand against the Antichrist.
Explicit scenes of love-making, graphic violence and sexual self-mutilation, not to mention a talking fox, made Antichrist one of the most talked-about films at the festival for years.
Antichrist is simply too ponderous to really make a serious impact, though it will undoubtedly linger in the memory.
SO YOU don't fancy the special effects in Harry Potter, or the Hollywood cheese in The Proposal, or even the grimness of Antichrist.