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Synonyms for antechamber

a large entrance or reception room or area

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From Francesco Ulivelli, Bolzano: anticamera della morte (Bolzano: Antichamber of Death) (Milan: Edizioni Stellissima, 1946), p.
In a chapter entitled "The Antichamber of Science," Arama explores relationships between scientific and utopian thinking in Aristotle, Bacon, Bruno, and others together with the parallel universe of artificial man (the robot) and machines.
Tenders are invited for Operation Of Projection System Sound System Cctv System And Other Electronic Gadgets Installed At Cm Room Cm Antichamber Pa Room Meeting Hall And Vip Lounge At Vallabh Bhawan Bhopal 20152016
Sestini gave his Accademia in an antichamber of the Palazzo--, I forget its name, but it was much like all the other Palaces we are accustomed to see here; exhibiting the same strange contrast of ancient taste and magnificence, with present meanness and poverty [.