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Coverage includes fish innate immunity; adaptive immunity; the molecular organization of antibody genes; the structural and functional features of the antibody molecule; the development of antibody-producing cells and the organization and function of the system which leads to an antibody response; the discovery of the new immunoglobulin class; the characterization of teleost IGH loci; fish immune response to eukaryotic parasites, and the evasion and suppression of the immune response by such pathogens; the fish cytokine network and immune regulatory peptides coordinating innate and adaptive responses; immune-endocrine interactions in fish; morpho-functional features of leukocytes and cytokines present in fish testis; and applied aspects of manipulating fish immune defenses in aquaculture.
The findings were based on experiments on genetically modified mice with high affinity antibody-producing cells.
Dendritic cells are crucial to an immune response since they alert antibody-producing cells and other protective cells to the presence of dangerous microbes.
Primary AL amyloidosis occurs when the body's antibody-producing cells do not function properly and produce abnormal protein fibers known as amyloids.
Antibodies against the S1P receptor, created from the patient's antibody-producing cells, were injected into mice that were induced to develop colitis.
Children may benefit from the injections because their immune systems lack reserves of antibody-producing cells.
OTCQB:NVLX), through its Singapore-based biotech company associate, SG Austria, announced completion of substantial therapeutic antibody patent portfolio talks, culminating in the addition of the Exclusive Worldwide License to the existing SG Austria patent position for encapsulating therapeutic antibody-producing cells.
An immunologist removes these antibody-producing cells and individually fuses some of them with modified tumor cells to make hybridomas, or immortal cell lines that continuously churn out lots of identical antibodies -- called monoclonal antibodies -- which always bind to exactly the same chemical structure.
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