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This now ensures SG Austria has 100% exclusive use of the patent for encapsulation of therapeutic antibody-producing cells worldwide.
MFP-2 will be fused with human antibody-producing cells obtained from patients with drug-induced hemolysis.
Encapsulated antibody-producing cells can be used to generate the continuous release of therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of many diseases, as was done to fight West Nile virus.
Using the TrimeraXTL system results in the production of human monoclonal antibody-producing cells within a few weeks.
Furthermore, studies have shown that the critical antibody produced can be measured for at least 3 months after initial placement of the encapsulated antibody-producing cells.
These proteins, designated Interleukin 21 (IL-21) and Interleukin 21 receptor (IL-21R), are members of an important class of naturally-occurring cytokine ligand-receptor pairs that are involved in the growth and activation of red blood cells, white blood cells, antibody-producing cells and other components critical for a strong immune response.
Abner Louis Notkins of the National Institute of Dental Research, one of the investigators, says the advantage of the procedure is that the antibody-producing cells can be obtained without vaccinating the patient.
Multiple myeloma is a malignancy of plasma cells, which are antibody-producing cells of the immune system.
This number of antibody-producing cells, limited by the inefficiency of the fusion process, represents only a small fraction, on the order of one percent, of all the antibody-producing B-cells originally in the mouse.
Monoclonal antibodies are made by hybridomas, which are hybrids of antibody-producing cells and long-lived tumor cells.
Under the terms of the agreement, Trellis will use Antibody CellSpot[TM] to screen large populations of antibody-producing cells developed by the parties using a variety of immunization strategies.
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