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an assay that relies on an enzymatic conversion reaction and is used to detect the presence of specific substances (such as enzymes or viruses or antibodies or bacteria)

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population, which is estimated to be one in 133 on the basis of antibody testing alone, may need to be re-evaluated.
A variation of standard antibody testing, presently approved in the U.
These results clearly call into question all projections about HIV infection in Africa and elsewhere that are based on antibody testing.
Conventional diagnostic methods such as cell culture, antibody testing, and even symptomatic diagnosis consume considerable time as compared to NAT.
The CDC concedes that at least 40,000 "AIDS cases" were diagnosed on the basis of presumptive criteria--that is, without antibody testing, on the basis of diseases such as Kaposi's sarcoma.
Anti-idiotypic antibody testing, she says, will show that many of these patients who have until now been considered poor transplant candidates may in fact be ideal recipients.
WASHINGTON, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A coalition of groups dedicated to eradicating AIDS has announced it will conduct a demonstration project with an oral HIV antibody testing device, pending its approval by the FDA.
Currently, after a blood donation, a donor health history and serum antibody testing are used to reduce the incidence of post-transmission hepatitis and AIDS.
The SUDS HIV-1 Test makes HIV-1 antibody testing more accessible to health professionals, who will be able to provide more tests and faster test results.
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