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Antibiotics fight against infections caused by bacteria, however they are not effective against viral infections like common cold, sore throat and flu.
Germs that are resistant to antibiotics also can move from one environment to another (e.
Owing to their efficiency in disease cure, antibiotics have been called 'magic bullets'.
According to one of the survey in Pakistan antibiotics are prescribed to 76 percent children, although many children have no need of it.
Total gross weight of antibiotics used in animals is growing significantly and is projected to increase by 70% by 2050 to meet rising demands of a growing world population.
Respondents to the webinar also cited an increase in the number of implants being placed, especially by general practitioners, as a possible cause for increased use of antibiotics, both for prophylaxis and to address complications following implant placement.
A study led by Newcastle University shows that antibiotic resistant genes are freely crossing environmental, agricultural and clinical barriers.
Ask about options for meat and poultry raised without antibiotics in your local restaurants and supermarkets.
Studies suggest that between 25 to 75 percent of antibiotics prescribed in longterm care facilities may be inappropriate.
In children older than two years with mild fever and eardrum inflammation, for instance, watchful waiting without initiation of antibiotics is encouraged.
Overuse of antibiotics can result in resistant bacteria and in some cases cause super-resistant bacteria," says Michelle Eslami, MD, a geriatrician at UCLA Health System.
Twenty-six years ago, as a pediatric intern, I marveled at the power of a new class of antibiotics, the cephalosporins, in treating children with life-threatening infections.
Concern has been raised that antibiotic resistance will become so widespread that we may soon not be able to fight off serious infection as people will have built up an immunity to antibiotics.
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