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The film "10 Million Deaths" animates the recent and dire prediction that 10 million people could die each year from antibiotic resistance by 2050 if we don't all take action.
Antibiotic Resistance: The need for drugs that combat or circumvent antibiotic resistance mechanisms is now pivotal to the development of new anti-bacterial agents.
The WHO has stepped up its fight against antibiotic resistance with a new global campaign called "Antibiotics: Handle with Care.
Almost two thirds (64%) of some 10 000 people who were surveyed across 12 countries say they know antibiotic resistance is an issue that could affect them and their families, but how it affects them and what they can do to address it are not well understood.
Global real-time antibiotic surveillance networks, nucleic acid-based research, and better diagnostics that can detect important bacterial infections and multiple antibiotic resistance genes directly and quickly from a sample may be part of the long-term answer and align specifically with President Obama's CARB plan.
The letter, spearheaded by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, noted that the approach taken by the act has been recommended by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in its 2014 report on antibiotic resistance.
Professor Collignon said the research suggests that addressing corruption and control of antibiotics could help lower antibiotic resistance and save lives.
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: History And Background Chapter 3: Research Aspects Of Antibiotic Resistance Chapter 4: Commercial Aspects Of Antibiotic Resistance Chapter 5: Market Aspects Of Antibiotic Resistance Chapter 6: Trends In Antibiotic Resistance Chapter 7: Interview Transcripts
DAVID Cameron must back his words with "decisive and urgent action" to tackle the spectre of antibiotic resistance, according to Arfon MP Hywel Williams and fellow members of the Westminster science and technology committee.
The World Health Organisation's (WHO) first global report on antibiotic resistance has revealed serious threat to public health.
Typhimurium infections are less susceptible to traditional antibiotics, which is concerning in light of this pathogen's broad host range and potential to spread antibiotic resistance determinants to other bacteria.
Washington, May 9 ( ANI ): Scientists have developed a new biosensor that can detect antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
RESEARCHERS in the North East have made a groundbreaking step forward in the important fight against antibiotic resistance.
Concern has been raised that antibiotic resistance will become so widespread that we may soon not be able to fight off serious infection as people will have built up an immunity to antibiotics.
Highlighting the "severe" public health problem arising from antibiotic resistance, Dr Jonny Anomaly, of America's Duke University, said that governments around the world have "squandered" money by criminalising the use of recreational drugs.
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