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the prevention of disease

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If the specific agent released during a bioterrorist attack--and its antibiotic sensitivity--have not been identified, public health departments and health care workers can administer fluoroquinolone antibiotic prophylaxis.
Antibiotic prophylaxis appears to reduce the number of neuropsychiatric symptom exacerbations that are associated with streptococcal infections in a subgroup of children with obsessive-compulsive or tic disorders, Dr.
Antibiotic prophylaxis Use fluoroquinolones only in high-risk afebrile neutropenic patients with cancer after chemotherapy.
Group B streptococcal disease in the era of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis.
While development of guidelines on antibiotic prophylaxis is a required and important exercise, the real world's evolving lessons will likely continue to drive our practice going forward.
The effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in the prevention of both infective endocarditis and prosthetic joint infection has been questioned for some time now.
One of the most frequently cited papers was published more than 2 decades ago by Casselbrant et al, who conducted a three-armed, randomized, controlled trial examining the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis and TT placement for prevention of rAOM.
5 or lower, a standard regimen for antibiotic prophylaxis (1-2 g cefazolin) is administered.
Comment: Antibiotic prophylaxis is standard practice for children with recurrent UTIs due to vesicoureteral reflux.
Otherwise anaesthesia can be administered with appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis.
We conducted an audit of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis (3) over four weeks in November 2006 in a large metropolitan hospital with approximately 60 consultant or trainee anaesthetists.
Antibiotic prophylaxis was recommended for all of the surgical procedures (19 in total) included in the study.
The estimated antibiotic prophylaxis cost per person was less with cefazolin and metronidazole than with cefazolin alone ($9.
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