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Richard Lang, a pharmaceutical industry analyst in visiongain, said: “The antibacterial drugs market is highly fragmented and even many of the leading players rely on off-patent products for portions of their antibacterial revenue.
The global emergence of antibacterial resistance among common and atypical respiratory pathogens in the last decade necessitates the strategic application of antibacterial agents.
As a professor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, McHenry has long been aware of this dilemma, and his academic background led him to envision a class of next-generation antibacterial drugs that would inhibit the process of DNA replication.
This report offers a comprehensive insight into antibacterial market based on the seven indications covered.
To browse through the ToC or purchase the Antibacterial Drugs Market Report, please visit: http://www.
Analyze the dynamics of the global antibacterials market and understand the impact of key R&D events, market trends, and issues.
Table 87: French Historic Review for Animal Feed Additivesby Product Segment - Antibiotics/ Antibacterials, Vitamins,Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Other Animal Feed AdditivesMarkets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures inUS$ Million for Years 2006 through 2012 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) III-46
Assess and quantify the market opportunity for antibacterials, from generics to high-priced hospital brands.
Our report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013: -- Regulatory approvals and expanded indications -- Growth in emerging national and therapeutic markets -- Antibacterial drug resistance and restricting antibiotic use -- Challenge and opportunity in treating hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) -- Developments in antibacterial diagnostics -- Generic drugs and their competition to novel brands - patent challenges and expiries -- Combination therapy to aid product lifecycle management.
You see how antibacterial drug producers compare, discovering how they can compete from 2012.
5 billion with antibacterial agents accounting for over 50% of sales.
We tackle crucial questions on antibacterials, helping you to stay ahead.
com/reports/c70373) has announced the addition of The Global Antibacterials Market: R&D Pipelines, Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape to their offering.
Drug and Medication Industry: The Antibacterials Market Outlook to 2016