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These antibacterials are often marketed as a way to protect consumers from superbugswhen in fact they contribute to antibiotic resistance, she said, adding that superbugs originate from the use of preventive dosing of antibiotics in industrial meat production for cows, pigs and chickens.
Blake said that studies have monitored high concentration of the man-made antibacterials in the human body specifically in blood, breastmilk and urine because of the increasing use of triclosan and triclocarban.
Visiongain's analysis indicates that, in 2011, the top 20 antibacterial drug manufacturers accounted for 37.
A: There is a great deal of evidence that the use of antibacterial soap in the normal household is unnecessary and causes far more harm than good, both to human health and the environment.
The initial anti-antibacterial soap reports stated that the antibacterial agents in products killed not only bacteria, but also human cells.
Telithromycin, the first of a new class of antibacterials, the ketolides, is approved for use in Europe and is currently being reviewed by the U.
After decades of exposure to the same drugs, mutant strains have emerged "that are resistant to every clinically available antibacterial," McHenry said.
The real issue is whether using such antibacterial products really offers any protection against potentially harmful bacteria.
The bottom line: "There's no reason why the average person would need antibacterial soaps, which can be irritating to the skin and cause redness or scaling," according to Dr.
The report is based on proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research's team of industry experts to provide a comprehensive view of the antibacterials market.
The new service can identify up to 40 different types of residual antibiotics and synthetic antibacterials in one week.
com/research/65cea6/the_antibacterials) has announced the addition of the "The Antibacterials Market Outlook to 2016" report to their offering.
Over the next decade, the fragmented antibacterials market will shift away from a blockbuster-business model, as generic erosion of market leaders and increased competition between new hospital drugs will trigger a decline in sales of branded antibacterials.
Task No: 21 CPV 33651100-9 Antibacterials for systemic use,
com/research/c59d05/commercial_insight) has announced the addition of the "Commercial Insight: Antibacterials - Opportunities in the hospital sector contrast with the lack of innovation in community market" report to their offering.