surface-to-air missile

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a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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The ODS system has other features, such as being able to detect any attack from the antiaircraft missile and fighter jets.
The subcategories of light weapons are: heavy machine guns, hand-held under-barrel and mounted grenade launchers, portable antiaircraft guns, portable antitank guns and recoilless rifles, portable launchers of antiaircraft missile systems, and mortars of a calibre less than 100 mm (UNGA 1997, para 25).
A hospital official said 15 people were killed, including one man who was apparently hit in the head with an antiaircraft missile.
Because of the sanctions, Moscow canceled shipment of its S-300 antiaircraft missile system to Iran.
Police sources and military officials said the weapons seized included more than 20 antiaircraft missile launchers and at least 48 antitank rocket-propelled bombs.
Will Russian exports of next generation aircraft and antiaircraft missile technologies result in strategic and operational risk for US forces?
It reportedly showed 62 sites at the airport where al-Qaida was most likely to launch antiaircraft missile strikes and included key facts about escape routes, evacuation plans and road closures.
S defense contractors were in Europe for the F-105 Starfighter aircraft and the Hawk antiaircraft missile system in the late 1950s (Wilson, p.
officials revealed that a Chinese firm was constructing a fiber-optic network for Iraq's air defenses, linking radar stations with antiaircraft missile batteries.
Even more frightening, the IR seeker on an antiaircraft missile can be trained to correct its impact path from the hot exhaust plume and redirect several feet in front of the plume to insure a hit on a meatier target -- the fuselage.
Canada: Antiaircraft missile, Genie, Falcon, Depth bomb (1950-1970)
This in turn leads to a subject the Air Force really doesn't like to talk about: the modern antiaircraft missile.
Designed and developed by Galileo Avionica, the Italian branch of SELEX S&AS, the Mirach 100/5 is the state-of-the-art aerial target system for antiaircraft missile firing practice and weapon system qualification.
5 billion agreement Ankara would receive two batteries of the antiaircraft missile from Moscow within the upcoming year and then produce two more batteries in Turkey.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian antiaircraft missile regiment based in Crimea received an S-400 Triumf air defense missile system that will be used in the upcoming Caucasus-2016 strategic maneuvers, the press office the Southern Military District siad.