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Whether the anti-viral drug will contribute to that or not, it's hard to know at this stage.
Dr Michael Jacobs said Ms Cafferkey was being treated with convalescent plasma taken from the blood of a recovered patient and an experimental anti-viral drug which is "not proven to work".
He was given anti-viral drugs at an NHS centre in Rotherham, South Yorks, but a worse rash appeared.
Speaking to Saba, al-Hakami added that the Switzerland medicine called "Tamiflu", which consists of Oseltaamivir phosphate75mg capsules, is anti-viral drug for the seasonal flue that approved recently by WHO as anti-viral drug for curing Swine Flue and Bird Flue and now being produced by a number of companies in the world.
The Technical Health Committee for Combating H1N1 is discussing options and might soon issue a decision to administer the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, only to the high-risk group and change the current policy of administering the drug to everyone who shows flu-like symptoms at all government and private hospitals as well as primary healthcare centres, a health official told C Khaleej Times .
A Birmingham biotechnology firm has made a public share offer in a bid to raise pounds 1 million for new anti-viral drugs.
STOCKPILED: A nurse with a box of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu
The NHS has a stockpile of more than Au500 million worth of the Tamiflu anti-viral drug, which has proved effective on patients in Mexico, and scientists are working on developing a vaccine against the new strain.
The WHO itself holds a stockpile of about five million treatment courses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu, Fukuda told journalists.
In mid-September, The Canadian Press reported that H1N1 virus resistant to the Tamiflu anti-viral drug (generic: Oseltamivir) is appearing in high numbers throughout Northern Europe at the same time it is spreading throughout North and South America; the Caribbean; Africa; and parts of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Officials announced the start of resistance testing in the Northern Hemisphere once flu season began.
A study of 13 Vietnamese patients infected with the H5N1 strain of bird flu found two of them developed a rapid resistance to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu.
4) Using these estimates of population numbers and costs, one could calculate that the cost of anti-viral drug therapy for HIV in Canada had risen to 806 million dollars per year by 2003.
The project employs computational chemistry to analyze chemical interactions between a library of 35 million potential drug molecules and several protein targets on the smallpox virus in the search for an effective anti-viral drug to treat smallpox post-infection.
Treatments: anti-viral drug Ribavirin (only works if given within first six days of illness)
The anti-viral drug cocktail targets two of three enzymes that HIV needs to reproduce.