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Vaccines are important for prevention, but there is a great need for anti-viral medicines to treat people who have become infected,' said Wei Zhang from the University of Toronto in Canada.
These animal studies will assess the efficacy and potency of the company's nanoviricides anti-viral agents in ocular viral infections.
Dr Michael Jacobs said Ms Cafferkey was being treated with convalescent plasma taken from the blood of a recovered patient and an experimental anti-viral drug which is "not proven to work".
Marinomed's Carragelose anti-viral eye drop program is based on the proprietary Mavirex technology platform which led to the development of Carragelose a polymer from red algae with remarkable anti-viral effects.
Anti-viral drugs represent the largest market in the liver disease therapeutics, which is justified by the fact that many oral, direct-acting antiviral medications are in development phase for treating hepatitis C.
Despite intensive research, dengue disease is not wholly understood, and there are no vaccines or anti-viral treatments available that can safely or effectively control the disease.
He was given anti-viral drugs at an NHS centre in Rotherham, South Yorks, but a worse rash appeared.
Official Government advice to stop a virus in its tracks is to use anti-viral tissues to catch it, bin it, kill it.
Speaking to Saba, al-Hakami added that the Switzerland medicine called "Tamiflu", which consists of Oseltaamivir phosphate75mg capsules, is anti-viral drug for the seasonal flue that approved recently by WHO as anti-viral drug for curing Swine Flue and Bird Flue and now being produced by a number of companies in the world.
The Technical Health Committee for Combating H1N1 is discussing options and might soon issue a decision to administer the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, only to the high-risk group and change the current policy of administering the drug to everyone who shows flu-like symptoms at all government and private hospitals as well as primary healthcare centres, a health official told C Khaleej Times .
HEALTH authorities in Kirklees and Calderdale have insisted they have enough anti-viral drug collection places to cope with swine flu.
As reported yesterday, the baby has been given anti-viral medication while her family and staff who have been in close contact with her have also been offered anti-viral treatment.
DOZENS of pupils at a Warwickshire boarding school have been given anti-viral drugs after a classmate was diagnosed with swine flu.
STEPS are being taken to ensure Wales has enough anti-viral drugs to treat 75% of the population in the event of a swine flu pandemic.
HEALTH organisations will rely on anti-viral drugs to fight swine flu if the number of cases continues to accelerate.