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Earlier this year, Alnylam scientists and academic collaborators demonstrated in vitro anti-viral activity toward a human clinical isolate of the H5N1 virus.
Our approach is to use anti-viral T cells to kill tumors," says Dr.
TAT0002 was previously shown to stimulate the production of IFN-gamma -- a molecule involved in the anti-viral response of cytotoxic CD8 T-cells specific for the HIV-1 AIDS virus -- and to enhance the ability of the CD8 cells to proliferate and kill HIV-1-infected CD4 cells.
In addition to its anti-cancer potential, ONCONASE(R) has demonstrated significant anti-viral activity against RNA viruses such as HIV-1 (Retroviridae family), as well as Enteroviruses such as Coxsackie virus A and Echovirus, which also have single-strand RNA as their genetic material.
BioCryst is the only other company besides Roche with an anti-viral drug that is close to FDA approval and its small market cap makes the company a more attractive investment idea.
In formulating Anti-Viral 2003, Liddell has been able to strengthen the immune-provoking effects of an existing Liddell antiviral medicine.
Based on these results and other research, Alnylam also announced that its flu drug candidate will include two siRNAs targeting different genes within the influenza virus designed to achieve the broadest spectrum of anti-viral activity, while diminishing the likelihood of viral resistance.
The undisclosed target, already identified, is an anti-viral and the collaboration is anticipated to extend over several years.
These results are important because they show that significant anti-viral effects of TAT0002 are seen in cells from different HIV-infected persons in an autologous setting that more closely matches the context in which the drug will be used clinically," stated Calvin B.
Kleenex Anti-Viral tissue will be available in two package sizes, an upright 60-count and a family size 120-count, affordably priced with suggested retail prices of $1.
We are pleased to receive this contract to develop an anti-viral RNAi therapeutic for Ebola, enabling us to launch efforts on our Alnylam Biodefense platform.
Evaluating Tarvacin Anti-Viral as a potential treatment for influenza, including deadly new strains such as avian flu, is a high priority for the company," said Steven King, president and CEO of Peregrine.
2004 Anti-viral Therapy Collection CD" is a unique combination of 5 well received publications presented below:
com, cautioned today "In light of the World Health Organization (WHO) announcement that the two most prevalent anti-viral drugs are losing their effectiveness against the avian flu, pandemic response plans must be reviewed and updated.
Philip Thorpe and Melina Soares who developed the Tarvacin Anti-Viral platform.