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The Company has as its lead compound, Difluoro-Etoposide[TM], a multi-purpose anti-tumor compound that is expected to enter Phase I clinical trials in Canada in 2010.
Initiated a Phase II clinical trial of our lead anti-tumor compound DAVANAT(R)/5-FU
These findings further validate the body of pre-clinical data suggesting that OXi4503 holds significant promise as an anti-tumor compound," said Dai Chaplin, Ph.
NASDAQ: OXGN, XSSE: OXGN) today announced that, for the first time, its investigational anti-tumor compound will be tested in a clinical trial of newly diagnosed cancer patients whose disease has not yet metastasized.
Study published today in Anticancer Research highlights significant potency of anti-tumor compound
The Company's anti-tumor compound, Oxi-6197, was selected by the Drug Development Group of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for preclinical efficacy and pharmacology studies.