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With the grant of today's patent, the company has significantly expanded its intellectual property around a series of novel anti-tumor quinazoline compounds.
With this move, the two companies aim to introduce an innovative anti-tumor agent at the earliest date possible.
Apomate(TM) imaging is intended to provide physicians with information about individual patient response to specific anti-tumor drugs within hours of starting treatment.
Researchers also reported preliminary evidence of anti-tumor activity, including significant tumor shrinkage in two patients with large cell and mediastinal B-cell lymphoma and stable disease for three months or longer in renal, ovarian, non-small cell lung cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma.
By augmenting and sustaining the vaccine-induced anti-tumor response described in this paper, IL-7 enhances tumor-specific immunity and harnesses the response to directly target spontaneously arising tumors.
While gemcitabine is the most commonly used drug in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, almost all patients treated with it eventually become resistant to its anti-tumor properties.
This report analyzes Chinese anti-tumor drug market from the angles of production, demands and development trends etc.
These data contribute to the growing body of evidence regarding the anti-tumor effects of GRN163L," noted Alan Colowick, M.
Anderson will collaborate to determine the MLPC's utility as an anti-tumor protein delivery vehicle.
Findings from the Marsden study are designed to help correlate anti-tumor activity with biomarker activity and to establish dosing parameters for Phase 2 clinical testing.
Researchers Demonstrate Impact of Timing of Hyperthermia on Drug Release from Temperature Sensitive Liposomes, Tumor Uptake and Anti-Tumor Activity in Rodent Models
The indication of sapacitabine activity in hematological cancers that are no longer responsive to the nucleoside analogs Ara-C and decitabine suggests that the anti-tumor activity of sapacitabine may be independent of the responsiveness of tumors to other nucleoside analogs.
Nasdaq: ARQL) today announced interim data from a Phase 1 trial with ARQ 197, a selective inhibitor of the c-Met receptor tyrosine kinase, that demonstrate clinical tolerability, favorable pharmacokinetics and promising signs of anti-tumor activity in cancer patients with a broad range of metastatic solid tumor types who had failed prior treatment regimens.
Nasdaq: ARQL) today announced data from a Phase 1b combination therapy trial with ARQ 501 and docetaxel that support previously announced findings demonstrating clinical tolerability and promising signs of anti-tumor activity in cancer patients with a range of advanced solid tumors who had failed prior treatments with a range of anti-cancer therapies.