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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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The work is divided into sections covering technology innovation fundamentals, including intellectual property and research financing, licensing law, commercializing university technologies, employer-employee intellectual property rights, experimental use of new technologies, bankruptcy, licensing and anti-trust law, tax and technology transfer, technology export regulations, and business organization and management responsibilities.
The Commission will remain vigilant that companies respect anti-trust law and do not delay entry of cheaper pharmaceuticals".
Department of Justice for violating the anti-trust law.
European regulators have slapped a record pounds 331 million fine on US software giant Microsoft for violating EU anti-trust law -and ordered it to take immediate steps to change the way it does business.
One of the changes was a revision of the anti-trust law, which allowed a fund or a holding company to own the majority of a company and be on the board of directors.
Times that the action had as much to do with politics as with economics or anti-trust law, and the L.
Iceland's deCODE genetics Inc has received early termination of the waiting period required under US anti-trust law prior to its planned acquisition of the US-based drug discovery company MediChem Life Sciences Inc.
The Justice Department is investigating whether a business-to-business (B2B) Website being designed by six meatpacking companies violates federal anti-trust law.
Saying that testimony from numerous companies at the antitrust hearings in the US "show that Microsoft's operating systems monopoly has stifled the development of other enterprises and technologies," he urged China to learn a lesson from this and enact an anti-trust law of its own as soon as possible.
When the government ordered the breakup of the Standard Oil company in 1911, under the Sherman Antitrust Act, La Follette celebrated: "So flagrant has been its violation of the anti-trust law that its eminent lawyers were not able to prove it even `reasonably' innocent.
As part of the employee dialogue process and Anti-trust law, the Works Council consultation process has also been successfully completed.
28 ( ANI ): A US judge has reportedly suggested that an external monitoring body is necessary to keep check on tech giant Apple's blatant violations of anti-trust law as it allegedly fixed prices of e-books with publishers.
One unusual area that can be an indicator of an upturn is competition law or anti-trust law.
The sale allows the US-based Law & Business unit to sharpen its focus on core areas such as securities law, mergers and acquisitions law, anti-trust law and intellectual property, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory's CEO Stacey Caywood said.
The volume is divided into sections covering foundational theory, secrecy and sharing, impacts on public policy and international law, and individual essays address such topics as trade secrecy and innovation, trade secrets in open technologies, secrets and anti-trust law and secrets versus traditional knowledge.