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Cypress has argued because the SRAM market has been moving to embedded SRAM from standalone SRAM, and since Cypress and ISSI are not major suppliers of embedded SRAM, the proposed transaction does not present any anti-trust risk.
Competent anti-trust counsel can help a company understand and comply with the legal requirements and help to minimize risks of failure, interruption, accusation, and litigation.
Li also confirmed that an anti-trust investigation into dealers of German auto giant Mercedes-Benz were also launched last week in five cities.
The agency had raided several Microsoft offices in China last week and launched an anti-trust investigation after it felt that the tech giant's products failed to meet the country's requirements on compatibility and document authentication and forced Chinese consumers to use more Microsoft products than they would otherwise.
The anti-trust watchdog states that there were cases when Billa Bulgaria EOOD did not reduce the price of the "Clever"-brand product, contrary to the claim stated in the advertising campaign.
Japan Airlines (JAL) on Friday announced that its joint business with International Airlines Group's (IAG) has been granted anti-trust immunity from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).
US anti-trust regulators have been concerned about Google's dominance of the Web search industry, and it has been under investigation by the European Commission since last November.
The analysis offered key pricing data and effect of a pricing test used by US Government to assess anti-trust risk posed by mergers.
Anti-trust immunity would allow the airlines to share profits and revenues on transatlantic services, share their networks beyond their US and UK gateways and to coordinate schedules, fares and marketing.
Brazil's anti-trust board approved a merger of Brahma and Antarctica into one company.
Across Latin America, anti-trust fever is taking hold.
Anti-Trust Division Extends Department's Use of MetaLINCS' Automated Analysis Technology
16 ( ANI ): The Canadian government is reportedly investigating Google for being engaged in anti-competitive and anti-trust acts.
The fine amounts to 10% of the company's turnover for 2012, according to the press office of the anti-trust watchdog.
The House passed the Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act (HR 4626), which rolls back the anti-trust exemptions that the insurance industry has enjoyed since the passage of the McCarran Ferguson Act in 1945.