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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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Lt Col Haroon being the Commanding Officer of Anti-Terrorist Unit was tasked to conduct hostage rescue operation against the hijackers.
Just about the only one of these super-TV series I've ever got into was Kiefer Sutherland's high-octane action drama 24, which follows an anti-terrorist unit battle with baddies and being double, tripe and quadruple-crossed by friends and enemies alike in a "real time" day.
Three Polish police commandos will lose their posts in an elite anti-terrorist unit for serving as bodyguards for the controversial celebrity during a recent visit to Poland.
The country's prestigious anti-terrorist unit, who usually conceal their identities and have to ask permission to take on a job outside the force, are reportedly being sacked for agreeing to work for Hilton.
Summary: Mauritanian soldiers patrolled the town of Bassiknou Wednesday after Al-Qaeda-linked extremists attacked a nearby army base which houses an anti-terrorist unit, a military source said.
The Anti-Terrorist unit, supported by the UAE Air Forces and Air Defence units, and in coordination with the U.
He said that the authority planned to work alongside Yemen's anti-terrorist unit and other security units to host seminars and educational campaigns to inform citizens about drugs.
Indonesia's Detachment 88 anti-terrorist unit, established after the 2002 Bali bombings, is funded, equipped and trained by the US and Australia, and has scored impressive successes.
Hard-line interior minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov sent a heavily armed anti-terrorist unit to arrest Mr Petrov in his Sofia home in February.
The police's anti-terrorist unit confirmed the fingerprints of Dulmatin
It will complete plans to bring the anti-terrorist unit in direct communication with the LAPD brass, all of whom have received top-level clearance by the federal government in the years since 9-11.
AAasecret team of commandos that exists in the shadows of the Dubai Police will soon be renamed the Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), XPRESS has learnt.
The officer had been due to sit a sergeant's exam last month and hoped to be seconded to anti-terrorist unit at New Scotland Yard, but both had been delayed for the court case.
French Defence Ministry spokesman Christophe Prazuck declined to say whether French Navy ships would head to the site, but added that ships in anti-terrorist unit Task Force 150, part of Operation Enduring Freedom, were in the area.
AS commander of an elite anti-terrorist unit your job is to stop an attack on Las Vegas.