antisocial personality disorder

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Synonyms for antisocial personality disorder

a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect

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Using cannabis - which is illegal - would be a breach of our policies on anti-social behaviour especially when it affects other residents.
Police were informed over the weekend that two individuals involved in causing anti-social behaviour have moved away from the Loftus area and anti-social behaviour has significantly reduced.
Morpeth neighbourhood sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: "It's encouraging to note a reduction in youth antisocial behaviour which sends a clear message that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will deal with anyone found to be causing a nuisance in the area robustly.
Anyone with information about anti-social behaviour in their area, is urged to contact their local police by dialling 101.
By running the operations together, with partners in North Tyneside Council, it strengthens our message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.
Given the varying nature of anti-social behaviour, a number of organisations are involved in addressing it.
It is important that everyone considers the consequences of their behaviour, and Knows when what they consider to be fun crosses the line into being anti-social.
Three types of anti-social behaviour were experienced or witnessed by less than 1% of respondents - begging, dangerous dogs and people having sex in public.
It is also about understanding why people get involved in anti-social behaviour and trying to divert them away from criminality.
Councillor David Poole, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services, said: "The progress achieved by the SCCSP to date has been impressive, with significant reductions across the board in terms of crime, anti-social behaviour, road accidents and deliberate fires.
I am determined that people who are victims of anti-social behaviour should not suffer in silence and are given all the help and support they need to pursue their case to a satisfactory conclusion.
The initiative can be implemented where anti-social behaviour has occurred that is so serious that legal action has been taken by the anti-social behaviour team.
The Mental Health and Well-Being of Ontario Students Report, which was conducted in the spring 2003 as part of the Ontario Student Drug Use Survey, found that one in ten youth in grades 7 to 12 experienced multiple--three or more--mental health issues, including symptoms of depression and anxiety, problem drinking, other drug use and anti-social behaviours, such as vandalism and violence.
In this context, it is increasingly held that some of the more disadvantaged neighbourhoods are also blighted by anti-social behaviour which, the First Minister has asserted, "cannot be tolerated any longer'.
A major element of making communities feel safer is reducing anti-social behaviour,' said Deputy Chief Constable Chris Sims.