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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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Citing comments by scholars such as Kenneth Lynn, who in the 1960s identified slavery as the "gravest moral problem in the nation's history," Delbanco argues that the American literature canon eventually changed because of the successful campaign of the anti-slavery movement.
Trinidad's first prime minister reveals the financial motivations behind the anti-slavery movement
It looks at the anti-slavery movement, the architecture of Belford Hall, the history of the national school, the importance of Belford as a post town, the coming of the railway, the contribution of the quarries to the economy and the impact of two world wars on the village.
Contrary to popular belief, the anti-slavery movement was not united.
The site is an ongoing research project; its current series, "Portraits of Protests," focuses on the anti-slavery movement in Philadelphia.
That made it easy for him to treat the anti-slavery movement as just another band of busybodies, even though they aimed to extend rather than constrict human liberty.
The 17th century trader was acclaimed as a pioneer of the anti-slavery movement for remarks in his 1690 journal arguing that no-one should be discriminated against for the colour of their skin.
She likewise overlooks the parallel between the conflict over women's participation at the 1841 black suffrage convention at Troy, New York, and the "women question" that bedeviled the white-dominated wings of the anti-slavery movement in the 1830s.
Moreover, one is tempted to turn the same kind of critical gaze that David Brion Davis once turned on the nineteenth-century anti-slavery movement.
But these great sailing ships represented something darker; and as the young Gladstone grew up he would have encountered the anti-slavery movement - and its leading figures, Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and Granville Sharp.
Meanwhile John Bell's son William (1797-1871) became a leading figure in the Irish anti-slavery movement, and in 1837 began publishing the first Quaker newspaper in Ireland or Britain, using it as part of a wider moral crusade.
The houses are attributed to the anti-slavery movement of the mid-1800s, and were reportedly attacked during celebrations for the Emancipation Proclamation.
Gougeon's Virtue's Hero, published in 1990, is a strong, indeed an unanswerable, argument against the often-heard complaint that Emerson could have done more than he did for the anti-slavery movement.
Moreover, politically active Christians were at the forefront of the modern anti-slavery movement.
Anthony's father was an abolitionist, and one of her brothers became active in the Kansas anti-slavery movement.