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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people


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It is not intended as a description for a troubling social trend like Islamophobia but as the positive organizing principle of what anti-Semites see, ironically, as a progressive movement.
There is no denying that there are anti-Semites, but there are very few, and they are fewer by the day.
At this moment, when France has a good deal of soul-searching to do, we may do well to recall the thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre, whose Anti-Semite and Jew, though written over seventy years ago, contains observations that are no less true today, such as his diagnosis of anti-Semitism as an all-consuming passion, a "total choice" that transforms hatred into a faith.
Tenured Professors Indoctrinate Students, Encourage meetings with Anti-Semites.
Jews and human rights activists are labeled anti-Semites.
At the Colorado event, Barton's fellow speakers included anti-Semites, white supremacists and a Holocaust denier.
This claim is sometimes made by anti-Semites who argue the murders were part of a Jewish plot to manipulate America.
Then there are the fascists, the flip outs, the anti-Semites.
Not only is this a core belief among anti-Semites, it is also advanced by some advocates for Israel, who see this notion serving their purpose.
Shades of the past: Anti-Semites smeared swastikas on a new German synagogue two days before the anniversary of the Nazi pogram on Kristallnacht.
While there were radical nationalists and anti-Semites this was not true of the Monarchy as a whole.
Thus, in today's Democratic Party we get one of the strangest of coalitions -- Jews, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, and left-wing anti-Semites, who blame Israel (and American Jews) for all the world's ills.
One of the problems with the slur of anti-Semitism is that it ignores the vast gulf between those who raise legitimate moral objections to Israeli actions and actual anti-Semites, either of the house-and-garden variety or those who want to destroy Israel and all Jews.
Accordingly, Jewish actions do not in themselves cause or contribute to the rise of Anti-Semitism but rather anti-Semites seize upon any act of Israel and distort the outcomes to suit their need for anti-Semitic fodder.
Anti-Semites don't need the help of your less than even-handedness.