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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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The Zionist lobby is working its utmost on removing those videos by calling them and the BBC anti-semetic.
Australia joined the United States, Canada and Sweden Sunday in boycotting a United Nations conference on racism beginning Monday, saying it was concerned the conference would be used as a platform for anti-Semetic views.
Leading member Maire MhacantSaoi resigned, claiming he could not hold such a position because of his anti-Semetic views.
1949: Screenings of Oliver Twist were banned at a Berlin cinema over accusations of an anti-Semetic portrayal of Fagin
Referring to a certain drunk driver's anti-semetic comments, he said: "Alec Baldwin has a new show on NBC, James Woods has a new show on CBS and Mel Gibson has a new show on Al-Jazeera.
Embassy officials expressed concern regarding anti-Semetic incidents and urged the Government to intensify its efforts to counter this trend.
Thus when she notes that among Johann Strauss's papers is an incomplete sketch for an operetta with some anti-semetic lines, she does not climb into a pulpit to assault him.
She opened up a pamphlet called ``Art as Propaganda Against Jews and Scientologists in Germany; Echos of the Past Reverberate in the Present,'' and pointed to reproductions of anti-Semetic posters juxtaposed with anti-Scientologist posters.
Nasri tweeted: "It has absolutely nothing to do with being anti-Semetic or against Jewish people.
He was a Jewish silversmith from Russia, who in his own lifetime was caught up in a forgery scandal and had to flee for his life from anti-Semetic violence in the city of Odessa where he lived, at the turn of the 20th Century.
Gibson was allegedly caught on air calling WGN-TV presenter Dean Richards an "a**hole" after he was quizzed about his drinking past and infamous anti-Semetic rant
Could the Councillors who wrote it please explain how they are not anti-semetic, or divisive, as they so claim?
The same parent also alleged anti-semetic remarks were made to her children in various locations in the school.
He said he was afraid to go into his garden because of the anti-Semetic abuse hurled at him and told the court he had struggled with police who came to arrest him because they were only there to get a Jewish family out of their home.