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of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit


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aspx) National Defense magazine , the anti-satellite weapons being tested by China will be damaging to the space.
In particular, the Senators were concerned with possible constraints on space basing of missile defense interceptors and anti-satellite weapons as well as the costs of compliance.
The importance of maintaining unfettered access to space was reinforced earlier this year, when China successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon.
His comments followed China's successful test of an anti-satellite weapon in January that destroyed an ageing weather satellite and heightened the prospect of an arms race in space, the 'high ground' of military strategy in recent years.
It is this debris, more than any anti-satellite weapon, that poses a threat today.
The interview, carried on the front page of the newspaper, did not mention China's test of an anti-satellite weapon last month that has triggered concern from countries such as Australia, Britain, Japan and the United States.
Secrecy surrounding the drone orbiting space had sparked different theories from it being planned to be used as space bomber to it being an anti-satellite weapon.
China's test two years ago of an anti-satellite weapon caused particular alarm in Washington, when a land-based missile was used to destroy an obsolete Chinese weather satellite.
According to the Economic Times, China is gearing up for another anti-satellite weapon test this month, probably in the next week or two.
Relations between the US and China have been tense at times, notably in the wake of China's test of an anti-satellite weapon in 2007.
There is strong evidence that the anti-satellite weapon China tested in May 2013 went higher than low-Earth orbit, said Charles Miller, president of NextGen Space LLC, a space and public policy consulting group.
In 2007 China used a ground-based anti-satellite weapon to destroy one of its own satellites, creating thousands of pieces of orbital debris.
and China have conducted anti-satellite weapon (ASAT) tests, which have not only raised international concerns about the inherently belligerent nature of these capabilities, but have created hundreds of thousands of pieces of new space debris.
Another project is a network of satellites containing high-power radio-frequency transmitters that could be used as a non-kinetic anti-satellite weapon.
But one state's guardian is another state's anti-satellite weapon.