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Synonyms for superfine

of extremely fine size or texture

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excessively delicate or refined


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(used especially of merchandise) very fine in quality

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Ivara EXP Remote will run on 3D-P s new t200 Falcon Intelligent Tablet , which can host multiple third-party mining applications from a single display and has a bright, rugged, and anti-reflective screen.
The model carries Samsung's superior LCD technology with 300nit HD LED SuperBright screen, image enhancer technology and anti-reflective screen, enabling consumers an ultra viewing experience no matter where they may be.
The shock-resistant panels have a fine-enamel hard surface with an anti-reflective screen to avoid scratching.
The UB-T781 has a 77-inch, anti-reflective screen with a hard surface that's resistant to scratch and shock.
Other features include: resolution up to 1,024 x 768, an anti-reflective screen with tempered glass, an OSD control pad on front panel, and support of tranflective LCD technology.
Other features include a 15" XGA TFT LCD with resolution up to 1,024 X 768; a multi-scan function that supports XGA, SVGA and VGA; a front accessible display ON/OFF switch; auto-recognition of the input signal; an anti-reflective screen with tempered glass; a hard anodic coating to prevent panel abrasion and acid corrosion; a 3M touch screen; and a TDK inverter.