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the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole

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It was developed as a more radically anti-reductionist form of biology than the organicism of Joseph Needham, C.
For example, a 2003 UNESCO declaration contains an anti-reductionist statement followed immediately
Yet despite his explicitly anti-reductionist approach, his portrayal is defined as much by what he leaves out of the analysis, and I end up with questions basic to the study of religion and ritual: what is "ritual"?
Humanism is generally anti-determinist and anti-reductionist," she declares (p.
3) Dworkin's basic approach to the issue might be described as an anti-reductionist approach, one that assigns an indispensable role to the group.
Will it result in a facile anti-reductionist anfractuosity so skilfully punctuated way back by E.
It will not do for the anti-reductionist simply to make this charge without explaining just why the proposed account has not fully captured the elusive element of commitment; after all, we will have at least given prima facie reason for thinking we have captured it.
CRTT is extended, in the final chapter, with the computation/representation theory of qualia, "CRTQ", which is anti-reductionist about qualia concepts, but eliminativist about qualia.
But Bakhtin's anti-reductionist temper also made him critical of other approaches outside the Soviet mainstream, including Russian Formalism (which taxonomized the varieties and devices of "literary language") and structuralism (with its array of binary oppositions, the girders underlying all language and culture).
Ignoring the fertile anti-reductionist contributions of Althusser in For Marx, and Althusser's own critical works, Eldridge wields the discarded whip of G.
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