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Tranquillisers, sleeping pills and anti-psychotics are being prescribed in the country's jails with more than EUR2,000 worth being given to some prisoners annually.
Tests showed he had eight times the prescribed limit of the anti-psychotic drug Clozapine in his system.
Data from this study showed that patients on Seroquel had a significantly higher number of incidences of diabetes than those on older drugs or other atypical anti-psychotics.
Treatments: Expensive Anti-Psychotic Drugs Have Greater Effect 4.
Zyprexa is marketed by Eli Lilly as an anti-psychotic and had annual U.
The court heard that he found injections of anti-psychotic medication painful and was often not at home when community nurses called.
Traces of human anti-psychotic drugs were found in the horse's B blood sample during testing in New York.
June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a survey conducted by ePocrates, an overwhelming majority of psychiatrists say that their usage of the anti-psychotic Abilify will increase based on the findings of a head-to-head clinical trial that pitted relative newcomer Abilify against category powerhouse Zyprexa.
the trial was riddled with other constitutional defects, including the involuntary administration of large doses of anti-psychotic medication to him throughout the trial; and
TARVIL(TM), by the use of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA), decreases symptoms of TD, a neurological disorder that is secondary to the anti-psychotic medications used to treat severe mental illness such as schizophrenia.
Yates, 37, of Houston, Texas, who is on anti-psychotic medicine, broke down when the images were displayed on a large screen to jurors.
This drug is a combination of its two other drugs Prozac and anti-psychotic Zyprexa.
presented exciting data on a new family of anti-psychotic drug candidates developed by company scientists at the 4th Annual American Society of Experimental Neurotherapy meeting.
The authors of today's report are concerned that use of anti-psychotic drugs in the treatment of some vulnerable patients may be speeding up their deaths, rather than alleviating their symptoms.
ANTI-PSYCHOTIC drugs could increase the risk of blood clots, experts warned.
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