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an unstable negatively charged proton

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For instance, a proton and anti-proton are located at the opposite sides in the same orbit and they are moved around the orbit centre.
Medical researchers now believe an anti-proton ray could be used to strip electrons off atoms in cells, thus killing the cells.
The Forschungszentrum Jlich GmbH is mainly responsible for the construction of HESR (high-energy storage ring for anti-protons and heavy ions), the second largest accelerator ring at the facility with a circumference of about 575 m.
The tow temperature supported superconducting magnets that guided beams of protons and anti-protons, which collided to create new particles.
Per Ainuu Afamasaga, "The Einstein Gravity or Strong Gravity is the force that 'pushes' Electrons and Positrons back 'toward' the nucleus to stabilize atoms when 'repelled' by Protons and Anti-Protons respectively at the Quantum Level.
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